• trully amazing & inspiring!!!

      are we are accounted for every single thought that flutters in our mind?? or only the actions we take hence??
      Mind will never stop chattering non-sense!!....all we can do is keeping it under control , purifying mind by KC ..but still if it brings us annoying thoghts..what are we supposed to do???

      please accept my humble obeiances :)
      hare krishna
      • well in kalyuga only actions are accountable but remember thinking leads to willing and willing leads to actions so better to control our thinking also
  • Sometimes devotees ask that we have been devotional service for so many years but the anarthas are still there. The anarthas do get reduced but still some remain. This happens because we don’t do Sravanam Kirtanam as carefully as we should. There are no issues with the potency of the medicine; the problem lies with the patient. GKG
  • prabhuji sashtanga dantavata,

    my mind is craving more for these precious pearls of wisdom.....
  • Not a moment in human life passes that you are not accounted for. RNS
  • The devotees are not interested in prajalpa. They are not interested in idle talk. GKG
  • A devotee has no enemy therefore he can forgive. Somebody else may identify the devotee as his enemy but a devotee has no enemy. Even if a devotee is in some difficulty he does not blame anyone for it. So one should develop the quality of forgiveness. If you develop the quality of forgiveness then you will find that Vaishnava relationship will develop very well with others. GKG
  • Material nature will record every detail. Every adjective, verb, noun, what our intention is - all is being recorded & will produce a reaction. RNS
  • This is the platform a Vaishnava tries to attain, the platform where there is no personal desire. There is no personal desire for any economic gain, no liberation, but the only desire is to take on the suffering of other living entities even if it means that I have to undergo personal inconveniences. GKG
  • Tapasya means to act according to the responsible occupation we may have in life but never to perform any activity unfavorable for spiritual advancement. RNS
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