• You are accountable and responsible for every word, action & movement whether you are devotee or non-devotee. RNS
  • By practicing the process of Krsna consciousness one becomes a perfect person. One does not become perfect person by material qualities. One becomes perfect person by his behavior. Caitanaya Mahaprabhu instructed us that a spiritual minded person must convey the religious principles by his behavior. GKG
  • A devotee takes advantage of difficult situation to remember Krsna with more intensity. (GKG).
  • A vaishnava forgives the offender before the offense is over. RNS
  • By forgiveness we can have harmony with each other. RNS
  • The nature of vaishanava is that he does not like to be glorified. GKG
  • yes why not ???? prabhupada has said that by chanting this mahamantra attentively means attentively!!! you will get love of GOD krsna!!! and yes i do believe in this bcoz i have seen devotees who r chanting attentively and they r really very advance in Krsna cons..
  • Mind is ones biggest enemy when uncontrolled, but majority people put full faith on their enemy. RNS
  • One should associate only with devotees who are serving without ulterior motive. There are thousands of devotees in ISKCON who are serving without any ulterior motive. GKG
  • Beloved Vaisnavas, please accept our sincere reverences!

    All glories to our Patita Pavana Srila Prabhupada!

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