• Haribol. hare krishna :) all glories to Srila Prabhupada.
    My humble obeiances to all devotees.

    i would like to know, how can we listen attentively to the mahamantra, what should we have in our minds while we chant?
    i mean to say, as for me, i get distracted very often and get clouded into innuerable senseless thoughts.
    how can i fix my mind on the sound vibration of the Hare krishna mahamantra?
    i chant the 2 rounds of mahamantra daily.
    I have full faith and devotion in Lord Shree krishna, and maintain the regulative principles and keep in touch with the devotee network.

    • Hare Krishna,
      Prabhu I also go through the same problem like urs. But then someone helped me by saying that whenever we chant we should have a pic of the Lord in front of us which we can see continously while we r chanting. Secondly u must chant loudly and listen carefully to what u r chanting. In this way ur eyes, ears and tongue are totally engaged in taking the name of the lord. I hope wat i wrote was of some help to u. Thank u. Haribol!!!
      • Thank you :)

        Hare krishna !
      • Take one sticker of Hare krishna Maha Mantra and do reading chanting!! got it??? it is like loudly reading Maha Mantra and best thing is chant in the association of devotees...
  • It is mentality of service that brings about spiritual realization. RNS
  • • The devotee should engage 24 hours in service. Our mood should be that even if one moment is misused, that we cannot bring it back with the world’s whole wealth. (Vyasa puja lecture). GKG
  • Nothing in Krsna Consciousness is done as a ritual but with the mood to increase desire to serve the Lord. RNS
    • this is really nice because sometime in our religious life v get ritualistic and think that this is enough for our spiritual development........
      This is all prevalent now a days
  • • You have to have full faith that this chanting is our principle weapon for making spiritual advancement. therefore attentive chanting is the most important. (Bhagvad Gita 7.8) GKG
  • The worst attraction is that which gives pleasure.
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