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      Prabhu, you did 4 today. That doesn't mean you have been doing 4 everyday. That's what I meant - you have not been chanting regularly.
      PLease get a set of beads, one beadbag and one sakhi mala for counting number of rounds. Keep it as carefully as you keep your wallet. Then it will not be misplaced. Chant on beads for fastest and best results. Chant with thumb and middle finger for spiritual growth.
      Best of luck.
  • Yeh i couldn't do 16. I sat down in the morning on my bed. Thought I would do 1 at first, managed to do 2 rounds. Will do 2 at night. Slowly I would increase it. Thanks for the advice. I dont use mala I do on my hands, or else the mala will be flung across somewhere and be in orbit around goloka. lol
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      Hare Krsna prabhuji,
      This way you will never be able to achieve the target of 16 rounds. If you are sincere and want to seriously achieve chanting 16 rounds, then you will have to pull yourself up a little bit.
      As I understand - you are not chanting at all now. If you do, that is rare and you are not able to maintain any fixed number of rounds. Its OK. PLease don't beat yourself up. What can be done is -
      1) Resolve that by the end of this year, you will come to 16 rounds.
      2) Pray very humbly that this resolution be fulfilled by the mercy of the Their lordships and His devotees.
      3) Set a timetable/ routine as per your current time table/ Routine.
      4) Set aside some time everyday for chanting. Ideally same time everyday. Stick to that time to the extent possible.
      5) Ideally, start with 4 rounds. YOu can break them to 2*2 - 2 in the morning first thing when you wake up and 2 later in the day.
      6) Resolve that you will not sleep in the night until you have completed your committed rounds for the day.
      7) When you start chanting - start with Jai Shri Krsna Chaitanya ....pancha tattva mantra on the Krsna bead and work your way with the mahamantra through the 108 beads. When you touch Krsna bead again, repeat pancha tattva mantra, turn the beads and again chant mahamantra on all the 108 beads.
      8) First round - 1st bead - please pray very humbly and sincerely - I want to take Your name, pls be merciful to me and allow me to take Your name.
      9) Last bead of last round - repeat the prayer of 8 above - thank you for allowing me to take Your name. Please allow me to take Your name tomorrow also.
      10) Become comfortable with this - 15 days minimum at a stretch.
      11) Resolve that every ekadasi you will increase 2 rounds, until you come to 16.
      12) On special days like Nityanand Trayodashi, Gaur Purnima, Janmasnhtami, do 16.
      13) Alongwith chanting, read Bhagavad Gita As It Is every day.
      PLease revert whether this is doable for you - what are your thoughts/ apprehensions/ fears.
      Your servant,
      Radha Rasamayi DD
      Parked at Loopia
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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,
    I already answered this question in an earlier post - discussion thread started by you only. Reproduced here for your benefit.
    Some tips - atleast 50 % of our devotional life is dependant on our chanting.
    when we chant, we are touching the lotus feet of Their lordships with our tulsi beads. Initially it sounds impossible. Gradually, realise it.
    While chanting - we should say internally - O Radha, O Krsna, please engage me in Your service.
    You can think of what you read the previous day related to devotion.
    YOu can remember points from lecture you would have heard the previous day.
    You can chat with Krsna - pour out your heart and just speak with Him. Chanting time is chatting time for some. That's why its the best time of the day.
    You can admire the pictures or deities, concentrating on one part in one raund - like lotus feet in one round, vakshashtal in next round, face in next round.
    You could thin of glories of Panchatattva one by one, each round, while chanting. Very powerful method to do good rounds.
    You should chant in humble state of mind - praying at the first bead of first round - please allow me to chant attentively and effectively. At the end of last round, last bead - thank Them for allowing you to take Their name.
    Just some tips prabhu. See what works for you.
    Your servant,
    Radha Rasamayi DD
    If your question is - how to come to chanting 16 rounds daily - then you have to examine how many rounds you are chanting now. Then you have to proceed gradually/ with speed - depends on you.
  • Very Good.
    A strong sankalpa means that half of the work is done.
    Pls. do Guru vandanam.. pray to Srila Prabhupada for the mercy.

    Along with Nityananda prabhu to give you strong determination to proceed further.
    with every mala you chant.
    start with.. pancha tattva mantra. praising all the associates of Lord.

    If possible try to learn these slokas and recite them before you start chanting daily.
    Hare Krishna.
  • Hare Krishna,
    Allocate time for Japa Everyday, Morning afterwaking would be best, Finish 16 first thing in the morning ,
    U can also hear prabhupada japa in the background while chanting;
    , Following the Four reulative principles really helps in doing japa
    Especially staying away from Meat..Finish 16 rounds in one go or do two sessions of 8, work it out
    Also how you Spend the rest of the Day influnces your chanting the next Day
    Finally "JUST DO IT "
  • May u get Love of Godhead
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