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    Hare Krishna Nitesh!

    That's a great new years resolution! The best!

    I suggest chanting in the morning and chanting with Srila Prabhupada!

    Always at your service,
    • thanks i did do this today. Good advice.)
  • I am also not as strict as I used to be and I vape nowadays... it's very difficult to give up nicotine ecig but I'm trying... eventually you can lower your intake of mg I'm at 6 mg rn
    My goal is to get to 0mg by August 2020 my advice is be sincere and keep chanting especially early in the morning during Bramha Muhurta 3:40 AM - 6:00 AM approximately. Stay strong exercise it will build your self confidence you have a nice face nothing wrong with you nice lady friends will come someday... just eat prasad and always have faith in Srila Prabhupada and Krishna always b/c he is in your heart as the Supersoul.


    VR das
    • yes seems good idea i guess. Nicotine is so addictive But we all lead different lives. SO remember that. Cant just tell someone to give up stuff. I am sure in 1960's when Prabhupada was around life was different. Now we live in a 'bubble' where everything seems ok but people are mostly communists/ voting in useless leaders who make us pay high taxes on everything. While they live a comfortable life. (we have to work hard to pennies).! What i am saying is we all lead different lives so asking someone to give UP right away it hard if they have gone through stuff in their life. Anyway I am chanting 4 rounds now still regular. Going well. And reading some Gita.
  • Hi i manage to do 3-4 rounds everyday since new years day. And reading 1 verse and purport of gita. Must admit its soo difficult to do it when you haven't done it in a while. Its like such a stench,, my self is saying don't do it,, leave it man,, whats the point.! So very difficult. I used to do 16 before but stopped for a good few years (6 plus). I wanted to start again.... thanks to Bhanu krishna das for some good advice. was very straight forward and simple 'Also how you Spend the rest of the Day influences your chanting the next Day'.. Yeh that's true. I also started drinking alcohol which have have completely stopped now. I still smoke e-cig (vape) which i cant give up right now. Meat fish and eggs not really an issue as im gujrati and we eat 99 percent veg anyway. Illicit sex? lol. Have you seen my face lol.
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      Hare Krsna Prabhuji,
      For fastest results, it would be nice to be in a congregation/ association of devotees. Then you don't feel lonely or foolish that you are doing this - don't know whether there will be any results at all, simply you will miss out on life.....those thoughts/ doubts will not plague you.
      Regarding how to come to 16 rounds, I have told you the rest. I know you already know (since you were on 16 rounds at one point). So the thing to do is to be resolute in purpose, associate with devotees, read books and chant. I know you have the time for all this - you need to develop some inclination for it.
      It will help if you go to local ISKCON temple regularly. NEver mind if you promised them some things earlier that you could not fulfill. Don't be bothered that you will be judged. For every person who will judge you, there will be 2 who will accept you and welcome you back. Find such people and associate with them.
      Build bridges with family and make new devotee friends.
      Do your sadhana with determination, as a matter of duty, without expectations.
      YOu will see the results if you are able to do all this.
      Your servant,
      Radha Rasamayi DD
      • yeh today i did 4 rounds altogether while sitting on bed. FIrst one is always hard, then gets easier. Some chanting better then other times. Hopefully in future i can get to 16.
  • Hi radha dd, yes i did do 2 rounds today in morning. Later I will do 2 more, Yeh 4 is best i feel too. Possibly 5 for extra in case i missed something. ! Im not too sure why you said im not chanting at all. Maybe you didnt read my message?
    • Have some respect while calling devotees, What is this "radha dd" ??? Learn manners ok
      • Her name is Radha dd are you a troll?
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