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Hare Krishna!!

Do you like Krsna Consciousness but maybe the Beatles aren’t your favorite recording artist, yoga was never your forte, and hemp never mattered to you. Do you appreciate kirtan but think maybe you’d like to keep it simple or just want Krsna to be relatable?

If you answered yes to any of these, then the Nectar News is for you. Hosted by Kaustubha dasa and featuring devotees that have had meaningful impact on many perhaps without all the pomp of a three hour Bhagavatam lecture. The Nectar News really is simple drops of Nectar for you to listen to. Each installment is reminiscent of the fireside chat of by-gone eras talking about humanistic ideas inside of our own Krsna consciousness. Topics like friendship, sticking around, services, and funny anecdotes keep me coming back for me.

If you’re willing to come along for the ride, you will gain a better appreciation for those devotees behind the scenes that encourage all of us to keep going. Politics and diplomacy are simply not on the table here. The blue collar devotees that keep tabs on us all to make sure that at least we’re still chanting. Give it a shot, it’s like being a guest in someone’s home and relishing the earlier sagas of life.

We can be found at or Hope you enjoy it!! Hare Krishna!! 


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