• Hare Krishna!  I am very new.  I began a week ago.  I've been reading, watching videos and I attended my first temple on Sunday. I have been waking every morning at 4:30 am for prayer and offering all vegetarian food to Krishna.  I take prasadam daily.  My friends, family and my significant other of 11 years are not devotees and have no desire to become a devotee.  My significant other has no intention of marrying me and he doesn't want anything to change in our relationship.  my desire is to be a pure devotee, however, I have some obstacles as you can see.  I am struggling.  Has anyone experienced this?

    • Hare Krishna and thank you so much.  I will follow your advice with the most gracious blessing and gratitude.

      Hare bol!

      • Hari Bol!  You see, I am still learning :).

  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Congratulations..on your way to becoming Vaisnava you must get to know Prabhupad and his teachings.  Take them to heart and you'll be perfect.


  • Hare Krishna Anju ji....
    Being a new devotee first start chanting few rounds per day and u can start by reading small books of Shrila prabhupaad along with the bhagwad gita.........
    U can get these books and mala to chant from book store of the nearest temple....
    At starting level, u can go through the books-
    'Beyond Birth n death (English)- Janam aur mrityu se pare(hindi)'
    'On the way to Krishna (english)- krishna ki aur(hindi)'
    'Beginners Guide(english)'

    Also as u r in contact with Urmila mataji, u can attend her classes every Sunday at 10.30 to 12.30 in ISKCON temple situated at sant nagar. It will be very beneficial for u and also she is very insipring preacher.

    I m also associated with delhi temple.
    I come there every sunday.....
    For any help u can contact me....

    May lord krishna n Radharani bless u with his divine devotion n love..

    • hari bol

  • hare krishna mathaji

    dandavat pranams


    agtspp, agtgg


    welcome to the transcendental space.

    hari hari bol

    • hare krishna
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