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    Hare Krishna!!!

  • Hare Krishna!

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    Natural calamities are a display of an overwhelming power immensely and fearfully greater than the human. They jolt us out of our complacent routines and impel us to think: Why do such natural disasters occur? What should we do at such times?


    According to the great spiritual traditions of the world, we are answerable to God for all our actions. The Vedic texts of India give the most cogent and coherent understanding of this system of cosmic accountability. Known as the law of karma, this universal, infallible law of action-reaction gives all of us our due pleasures and pains according to our actions, whether right or wrong. The Vedic shastras therefore contain prescriptions and proscriptions to guide us in our actions. 


    The Vedic scriptures inform us that, during our troubled journey through this material world, we have gone through millions of lives. Therefore rather than being shocked at seeing so many deaths, we can soberly remember that we have ourselves undergone the trauma of death thousands of times. And the same ordeal awaits us again in the not-too-distant future. So the Bhagavad-Gita As It Is (13.8-12) urges all intelligent persons to recognize the inevitable, inescapable evils of birth, old age, disease and death that haunt all life in this world. The Gita further urges us to re-awaken our dormant spiritual natures by living in devotion to God. Thus we can detach ourselves from material things which will be snatched away at the time of death and attach ourselves to God, with whom we will be eternally united after death.


    You are right. Today conditioned living entities are engaging in degraded and demoniac acts such as mass killing of innocent living entities. By indulging in such acts of unsolicited violence, they are incurring sins and bad karmas. Also, they do not take shelter of the Holy Name owing to their being situated in the mode of ignorance.  We are very fortunate since we possess this transcendental knowledge of the Absolute Truth. Thus, we must strive to deliver these jivas from the entanglement of the material veil of ignorance and pass on this nectar of the Holy Name to them.

    Further, the Vedic scriptural injunctions emphatically assert that the sufferings of this world are a pointer to, a reminder of, our eternal existence. A fever impels us to take medicine to cure ourselves. The heat of the fire causes us to instantly withdraw our finger and thus save it from being burnt. Similarly, the sufferings of this world impel us to redirect our hopes of shelter and happiness from this temporary material world to the eternal spiritual world. The intelligent course of action therefore is to prepare to return back to our home, the spiritual world.


    Your Servant,

    Mathura Vasi Devi Dasi.

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