Negetive thoughts

Hare krishna. i was very depressed and sad then i start chanting hare krishna japa i am doin one round i am very clam and relex but…still its negetive thoughts coming in my mind.please help me how i can stop these thoughts.Hari bol!

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  • Energy flows wheat the attention goes, hence (personal space) is about all we can Muster. Gratefully we do have that w/yoga & service.
    Good association is pleasing & important & valuable as also is Love!
  • Research Krishna He has many different ages in which He/His personality- is favered, and at each age His consciousness is somewhat different. So please explore Him/Hi's different deitys-at His different ages, explore to Hare & Rama also. Rama is a most wonderful personally able to generously reciprocate as is Rahda quite extraordinary. Lots of variety there & they all have one intention' to amp-up your moral for getting to know & understand Krishna & instruct you in you service towards the GedHeads for Self & GOD realization. Good luck always.
  • Negative thoughts will come. Trying to stop them is like trying to stop experience or the flow of time. You cannot.

    Simply you must tolerate the ups and downs of life - this is a teaching of Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.

    You have made progress by chanting and will continue to progress if you continue chanting.

    • Thankyou.
  • E-Counselor

    Hare KRsna Mataji,


    Since you are chanting 1 round and feeling calm, may I suggest that you increase the number of rounds - to a minimum of 4. This should take you half and hour.

    You could browse the net and read about Krsna, or go to and watch the daily aratis - mangalarati at 4.30 am, darshan arati at 7.10 am till 9.00 am (including lecture), watch deity abhisheks, temple openigngs, lectures by HG Gaur Gopal prabhuji - the Titanic one, the lessons of life one, the Sahchin Tendulkar one, it will enthuse you and keep you in good spirits. Visit the local ISKCON temple and see the deities, get into a congregation if its near you (find out at the  temple).

    No need to allow negative thoughts in mind.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Thankyou.
  • Focusing mind on Lord  repells negative thoughts.

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