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I need 'practical' advise on how to adjust around non-vegetarians, if there is any. Especially if they are in a family. Please offer your 'practical' advise without quoting from the book because I 'do know' it is illicit to eat meat. I just want to know how do I adjust with those who use the same kitchen for cooking their meat where I make Prasadam. I have no option to leave this kitchen, or influence the other person with the spiritual gyan that meat eating is bad etc etc. The only option I have is to compromise and I am not comfortable with that, hence this post. Please offer your advise!

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  • Hare Krishna Bhaktin Maralji,
    Thank you very much, it is very insightful. Kind regards, Aarti
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    I had the same problem when i visited home.

    But this time when i went there i took charge of the kitchen.

    I cooked not only for a person but for whole family. Not simple food but tasty so that they forget the taste of meat for some time.

    Things like samosas, cakes, other sweets, pulau with paneer....

    Oh yes, and mostly i used paneer as a replacement to meat.

    So were very happy.

    One thing You should remember:


    If they like to eat meat; It is ok; You respect their opinion and choice.

    Do not look down to them; But pray for their happiness.

    Always when You want to request something for Yourself then request it using polite words:

    "Mom, don't You mind if i keep apples in a separate shelf in the fridge, please; I will make a special shelf for meat and eggs; i will clean that so that Your foods remain clean...."

    So when You cook, offer and eat You do it with very great attention. When You eat Your food You make sure that You put everything beautifully on Your plate; Sit properly, put some nice spiritual music, eat slowly respecting the food.

    After eating clean up the kitchen perfectly...

    In this way seeing Your habits of cooking, eating they will get attracted;

    Later You can request Your mother to keep Your plates separate from those on which they cook non veg...

    Slowly slowly, with great respect.

    Your servant, 

  • Hare Krishna SS ji, I really appreciate your response and particularly the point about Srila Prabhupada. Thank you so much. Kind regards, Aarti
  • Hare Krishna Prabhu.


    As i follow the religious principles here is what i have learnt in my experience. We cannot give any advice till Lord gives us the gyan to preach and gives them mercy to get them near him. At the same time we have to follow our path and not waver in our path towards Krishna.

    I know i am nowhere eligible to advice but we follow what Srila Prabhupad did as we follow our Guru's who will lead us to the path of Krishna. Srila Prabhupad used the same fridge as meat eaters and cook as well. So just make sure you tell your family not to mix vegetables and meat in the Fridge. I mean different shelfs for each( scientifically too they are need to be kept separately for salmonella poisoning etc). Keep a different set of Vessels for your cooking and your Lunch  plate and Glass separate from others and use just that  and nothing else. But before you use anything wash them well and each time you start cooking beg Radharani and Krishna for mercy and tell them to help you in your practice and path. Its easy to fall down and adjust for a day but try not to. They say it takes 3 weeks for any Habit to form so have patience with yourself for 3 weeks and do it with apt attention. I am sure with your determination krishna will help you.

    As to eating your Prasad Just eat what you cook . But offer Anything you cook / eat or drink to Krishna before you start eating as sometimes not everything may be offered due to human error.

    Tell your friends you are a vegeterian and can eat only food you get due to reason (can always say allergy ). you can share your food but tell them you cannot eat theirs . Tell them its not an offence to them just that you cannot have it . In time they will start protecting you . You can go eat with them but take your food with you. Make sure if you are in the same table as a meat eater you dont get cross contaminated. If at all you have to go out to eat, stick to basics like ordering milkshakes /juice/ fruit platter/salad (Always say dressing and onion on the side ) and ask for an extra plate, so you can keep rest of food in the new plate and  leave any leaf touching sauce and onions in the plate served in). Always offer to krishna and ask for mercy before you start in your mind. This will help you socially as culture is so people think its weird to trust god. Slowly as you progress krishna will help you have a circle of friends who are Devotees and all this will stop .

    Hope this helps. I know it will not appeal to everybody but sometimes being professionals we have to adjust accordingly.

    dandavat pranams

    • Hare Krsna, Thank you!!! for this response, I have the same issue! thank you

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