need mercy

hare krishna!

this year has been terrible for me though seva oppertunities have increased for me, i was preparing for my 12 th boards and the results were out yesterday i scored a percentage of 72 total and 68 in pcm which infact is terrible( parents are soo mad at me . i myself am too) and a score i never expected!. never the less i have applied for revaluation and i have 2 more important career deciding exams to give. my parents and relatives are very very dessapoined in me and infact. after taking away my deities they gave it back after some time and, again back to same point now they took away my deities and my tulsi mala. plz plz do pray for me that the revaluation increases score and i must do well in the other exams.

well,i always wanted a shaligram shila and once when i was getting down from my school bus i found a shaligram under a tree so i got him home and did seva but my parents are non devotees(non vegitarians) so the didnt allow me to do seva to him and gave him to my grandmother and now. but recently a friend of mine who went to nepal gifted me a shaligram i have done his abhisekam and dhoop and deep aradhana since then. but my family has been facing problems since when this shaligram devji arrived ( grand parents got cancer relatives started to die and my scores were goen for a toss) i dont want to give him to anyone so can u please tell me a way so that i can keep him happy and make him bestow us good luck. a simple one coz i must prepare for exam too and i have only 20 days left


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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    You have not mentioned what your results used to be earlier - Class 10 results? Are you average student or good student? If earlier also your results were average, then they cannot blame your Saligram or deities for your results,. Actually they cannot blame even now. Still what to do? You could save them from further aparadh by lying low for now, as I mentioned in the other post. 

    Saligram ji, if you can put on your family altar, please do that. Or else, give to local ISKCON temple for worship, till you can bring Them back with full respects. 

    Chant - dont compromise on that alone.

    Improve your results and demonstrate to them that you can do both - devotion and studies.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • hare krishna 

      i used to get 85 mataji but this year due to my negligence i got less. i will do the same mataji as per your advice. hare krishna

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