Need help from devotees in UK

I am chanting 16 rounds of Hare Krishna mahamantra everyday and also singing Jagannath Ashtakam, Tulsi aarti and Narsingh aarti everyday. I lost my wife to cancer in 2013 at the young age of 35 years and have a 11 year old son to bring up. By Krishna's mercy my son and I enjoy good health. My main problem in life is financial. This can be easily overcome if someone in UK gives me some time on the internet. Please let me know how can I get on touch in devotees in UK who could give me some of their time. We will never ask anyone for money only some time.

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  • Haribol. How spending some time on the internet will give you the money? There are plenty of free wifi spots in UK... you should become a millionare... no?

    • The website I use is covered by UK press as a legal and tax free way of earning money. You have to invest some money (starting $100) and time. I will be making the investment if you can help me. Its basically a simple trading loophole that you have to capitalize on. Brother, if you can help me please post your email address so that I can send you all the details. We can work for mutual benefit.

      • Which is the website? I also want to make some money.

        • Kindly send me email to so that we can discuss. Dont want financial discussions in the forum.

          • Prabhuji I can't help you on this one. Moreover, I am confused since my question was very simple.

            But I am really sorry to learn about your situation and I pray that all things settle well soon for you. I have knowledge of websites and services online that can help you to earn some (but without such loopholes) -I mean like transcribing, teaching and such. I can give you information on those if you need, which might help you with your situation to some level. You may DM me in this case.

            As far as trading is concerned, I assume you have complete knowledge of how things work at stock market, else it might create further financial issues for you.

            Thank you

            Hare Krishna

            • Yes, the website I am referring to is covered by UK press as a legal and tax free way of earning money. Please check . Pleasde advise how to DM as I want the information you have. 

              • Hare Krishna,

                I am 0 in stocks and betting, so they all look the same to me. I suggest you to consult some devotee from within this domain since you are [kc] connected, before actually entering here. That is what I would have done if I were in your shoes, because hey drinking in public is also legal in england and wales.

       (transcribing), (teaching), and (any domain projects)- They genuinely pay for our work, and it is not gambling [verified]. I have tried all of them and also hired from here for my projects, while some of my friends also work here. so these work. If you are good with some domain knowledge, amazon e-book publishing is also a good option. I have my book here. so this works. If you are in tech domain - publishing google apps works. If you have some items/services that you can manufacture/re-sell like in flipkart or others- get yourself registered as a sole proprietary business firm/owner if you are in India. This is free with minimal registration cost/stamp paper and needed for gst. Then you can easily sell online. I have my firm registered - so this works. If in uk i am sure you'll have something similar there.  Kirtan/Yoga, workshops and seminars in bhakti yoga are popular in the west like in the uk - some of our friends have been doing this, so this works. other good option is to teach school or students from your domain. you can also take advantage of social media platforms to sell material items or food by following proper government guidelines.

                Priority on a full time work is much better as some of these won't pay you like full time, but they are genuine, and they work. In my opinion these are better than stocks and betting, moreover we can sleep peacefully at night. I am starting to like the disclaimer section that I post below.

                Hari Bol,


                Views/Opinions are my own and does not reflect or represent the views of any other person, group, institute or organization like ISKCON, or others.

                I'm in no way promoting any website or forcing anyone to follow my suggestions.

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