Need Guidance to follow sadhana strictly?

Hare Krishna,


Please accept my humble obeisances.


1. As I have heard many times from lectures we have to maintain fixed time for chanting the rounds every day.

But in my case I am unable to maintain specific time for chanting. Mostly I chant my rounds during office time break or after 11:00 pm returning from office. I am very much eager to practice the Brahma Muhurta chanting but due to office time I am unable to wake up early. I usually wake up 6:30 AM after bath I do worship for around 1:30 to 2 hrs (Offering Tulasi, incennse, Srimad Bhagabatam reading, serving Lord Krishna in mind, Sikastakam & guru vandana), then getting ready for office. Somehow by Grace of Guru, Vaishnava & lord Krishna I am able to finish my rounds.


Please guide me do I have to change my job (to a general shift job) which will be suitable for early rising to follow the sadhana strictly.

2. How to kill silly desires like (Like buying phone, wearing stylish dress etc.) ?

3. Can a devotee do tax fraud like submitting duplicate bill. I think this is wrong...Please advice.

Sorry to ask many questions.


Your humble servant,



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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Regarding strictness of sadhana, be consistent in whatever sadhana you are doing. Fix a minimum number of rounds that you are committing to everyday - that is not negotiable, it has to be done everyday. Then make sure you eat only Krsna prasadam, atleast veg food without onion garlic, read SP books everyday, associate with devotees atleast in the weekend if not possible during weekdays.

    To wake up early, try waking up 15 min earlier every week, till you reach waking up at 4.00 am. Chant few rounds in the morning. Arati, guru puja, tulsi puja, shikshashtakam should not take more than 40 min. Then chant first. I read during lunch time in office. 

    Job change - there will be some other issue then. With the existing set up, firm up your sadhana first. 

    Regarding giving in to silly desires - what is a need for someone can be a want for others. So you need to figure out for yourself whether it is a need or want. Buying a phone or good clothes, to fit into the society, is not a crime. But yes, buying new clothes every month, and having cupboards bursting, cannot be a need. It has to be a want. The basic purpose is hankering has to stop - then we are unaffected, whether we have something or not. 

    Devotee submitting duplicate bill - dont we all do it all the time? Again, time place circumstance is important to judge.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hare Krsna Mataji,


      Thank you for guidance. I am struggling to have at least without onion & garlic food but I am unable to follow because of place & circumstance.

      Radhe Radhe

      Your Humble Servant,


      • hey friend this onion garlic has become an ultimate comedy here as know one knows the actual truth about it even the top sanyasis of iskcon contradict Prabhupada, I shall be writing more about it soon.

  • who says buying cell phone and wearing stylish dress are silly desires?? infact not too long ago I came to know that iskcon devotees are using iphones and then why does one make money? for roti kapada makaan. so theres absolutely nothing wrong in utilizing money for necessary items.

    ofcourse you should not do any fraud but I have a new question that according to scriptures we are supposed to pay only income tax and all other taxes are invalid then not paying other taxes like service tax entertainment tax etc etc should not be a sin

    • Hare Krishna Suhas Prabhji,

      Thanks for guidance. I think we can not avoid the govt. taxes which are not mentioned in the scripture.

      Radhe Radhe

      Your Servant,


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