Need for a Militant Vaishnav Army

Hare Krishna , PAMHO,The attack on Vaishnavas are rampant in Bangladesh and elsewhere.... In order to protect devotees and temples, The need of Militancy in Vaishnavas is call of hour .. The holiest Shrine of Krishna's Birth is under Jihadi control... We must rise like a soldier too

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  • shriman-mauktikadama-baddha-chikuram susmera-chandrananam

    shri-khandaguru-charu-chitra-vasanam srag-divya-bhashanchitam

    nrityavesha-rasanumoda-madhuram kandarpa-veshojjvalam

    caitanyam kanaka-dyutim nija-janaih samsevyamanam bhaje


    "I worship Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, who is being served by all His devotees and associates; whose hair is bound with strings of pearls; on whose moonlike face is the nectar of His gentle smile. His beautiful golden body is covered with lovely garments and various shining ornaments. He is so charming, being absorbed as He is in the enjoyment of sweet mellows in dancing, and is more splendid in His dress than even Cupid himself."

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  • The main point I see is that in previous mystical ages, the demons were killed directly. In this age we worship the golden dancer, and his instruction is to transform them with love, Otherwise we would have to kill everyone, because they are all demons in this age. This is the proper understanding. Someone who is a member of our movement will follow in steps with the golden dancer, not look at ancient Vedic history as to how the demons were all slaughtered Way back then. End of argument. people who think like that are dovetailing their material desires, and trying to bring their own aggression into this movement. That's not how purification works. From the start we have to be guided by those in the more mature position, not the neo-fight (neophyte) position. I digress and leave this horrible false argument, so as not to flame the fire of their offenses. Goodbye and pleasant dreams on the lap of maya.
  • Hey Prabhujis, It is just a notion to discuss.. there is no hard feeling for devotees not in compliance with this idea.. i just wanted to know the inner feeling of Vaishnava world

  • You already insulted me by your bizarre interpretations and now you continued to do the same. I never tell any one to beg for forgiveness because I donot have such enormous amount of pride and false ego as you have. I did not pay much heed to your comments because I realized you have serious difficulties in comprehending and you have confimed the same in your 2nd post as well.  I forgive you for your misdeeds and henceforth your comments wont be entertained. you can be happy with the support of those who say that it hasn't been proved that car exhaust cause any health damage or pollution (whatever it was)

  • SB 4.11.10One should not accept the body as the self and thus, like the animals, kill the bodies of others. This is especially forbidden by saintly persons  who follow the path of devotional service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

    SB 4.11.13The Lord is very satisfied with His devotee when the devotee greets other people with tolerance, mercy, friendship and equality.

    SB 4.11.24My dear son, those Yakṣas, who are descendants of Kuvera, are not actually the killers of your brother; the birth and death of every living entity are caused by the Supreme, who is certainly the cause of all causes.

    SB 4.11.25The Supreme Personality of Godhead creates this material world, maintains it, and annihilates it in due course of time, but because He is transcendental to such activities, He is never affected by ego in such action or by the modes of material nature.
    SB 4.11.26The Supreme Personality of Godhead is the Supersoul of all living entities. He is the controller and maintainer of everyone; through the agency of His external energy, He creates, maintains and annihilates everyone.
    • you mean to say that all these murder and even rapes and gang rapes. paedophilians, loot, and all sorts of sinful activities are caused by Krishna. do you even realize that you are encouraging criminal activities??PLZ CHECK YOUR BELIEFS INSTEAD OF REPEATEDLY ISSUING REFERENCES AFTER REFERENCES and when I say the statements have deeper meanings some one gets seriously pisssed off. the thief has to be punished otherwise he will go on rampage killing and looting others and also to relieve him of his sinful reactions. that's all from me.

      • Yes Kshatriyas' duty involves violence and killing but it should always be avoided if at all possible. The Pandavas tolerated so many insults and attacks before they finally decided to fight in the Kurukshetra war. They were sent to live in the forest in exile for many years when they should have been ruling because of a game they lost to a cheater. Rama was exiled when he was the rightful ruler because of a greedy person. Both of them did not complain and fulfilled their dharma like true Kshatriyas. Where do you see that kind of humility and duty in modern society? It is almost nonexistent. If a Kshatriya is left no other choice but to fight then he should attack with the utmost ferocity but they are not average warriors, they are warriors of God. They are not only expected to be fierce warriors but also humble and loving people who have compassion even for their enemies. Even though Kshatriyas can use violence it is always a last resort.
  • Arjuna was given instruction directly from the supreme Lord Krishna to fight in the war; we have no authority to decide to start a militant army.

    Anyways, you may be able to convince some violent people to agree with you, but I will not join your army. I am not a fighting soul. Maybe there are some warrior souls who will agree with you, but personally, I think your tone and attitude is very disrespectful and the way you are telling everyone they are wrong or misrepresenting/ misunderstanding the Vaisnava tradition, is offensive.

    You said:

    You may be right. But regardless you act like you are instructing us in understanding the purports like Prabhupada was not good enough to explain himself. Yet you are not speaking in a calm way like Prabhupada, you are using a lot of anger and directing it towards us, your allies. We are not your enemies to be angry with. I understand you are upset.

    But I think you should apologize for being so disrespectful to the Vaisnavas here. You may have offended somebody.

    Hare Krishna
    • NOT A SINGLE WORD OF YOURS IS CORRECT TO SPEAK THE LEAST. HORRIBLE INTERPRETATIONS and as I said before because this is a kc site I donot wish to insult or ridicule any one

      • Now you have insulted me, Suhas Patil. You have also ridiculed me by saying "NOT A SINGLE WORD OF YOURS IS CORRECT TO SPEAK THE LEAST," and for calling my "interpretations" "horrible." What interpretations you are referring to, I have no idea.

        I think you are using your anger in a very nonproductive way. I also think you should seriously examine your goals here and the way you are carrying them out.

        You have not been humble, helpful, or kind to me or my fellow devotees. This is my observation. I think you are overcome with emotion and have lost control of yourself, and so you are saying hurtful things without this intention.

        Please heed the advice from fellow devotees here who have only the best intentions...
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