Need descriptions of Goloka Dhama.

Hare Krishna,

I went through the descriptions of Goloka Dhama last year, like there is a svetadwipa that surrounds the lotus like abode of Goloka dhama. Then the petals or leaves (i don't remember exactly) is the place where Radha resides. But now i've forgotten most of it. I even had the chart where goloka dhama and vaikuntha dhama were depicted along with svetadwipa. Can someone please describe it in detail or share a link to a video or article from where i can gain more knowledge about it. Thank you.

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  • Hare Krishna,

    Pls. go thru these vids. carefully it is explained very nicely about the quadraple expansion and goloka chart given.


    7846767686?profile=RESIZE_930xHare Krishna.

    • Thanks for the video links Gayatri ji but do u have the HD chart in English. Sorry but i can't read hindi :(

      • You can search for the chart in google images.

        Vid. links 7858695257?profile=RESIZE_710xvid. links provide description of chart in English.

        I got this one which is in English. But I don't know if you can zoom and read the contents.


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    • Thank you prabhuji for the link. It is mentioned there that "the whorl of that transcendental lotus is the realm wherein dwells Kṛṣṇa."

      What exactly do we mean by the whorl of the lotus?

      As per botany, there are four whorls ... So in which whorl does Krishna reside?














      Sorry if my question sounds stupid, but i would like to know where exactly Krishna dwells. Does Krishna dwells in whorl 1, 2, 3 or 4? ... By that i mean, does He dwells on the outskirts of Goloka or in the centre most region of Goloka?

      Also does anyone has this Goloka chart in HD and post it here for free? 


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