Need Advice N suggestions.

Hare Krishna Dandavat Pranam. My husband is in Army n last year he got transferred to Dinjan Assam . N now he is getting quarters there . till day before yesterday even i was eagerly waiting to go there but now i am very much confused scared to go. so i need ur guidance n advice , my problem is My husband is telling there will be no proper current facility . there will be power cut always, n we r not transferring the LPG gas so i have to cook in electric or induction stove which depends on electricity . n i follow 4 regulative principles so i cant eat out which includes onion garlic n both veg n non veg or cooked together in army canteens. n campus is out of city n its like forest , many families will be staying there in campus . n he will be having night duties n sometimes they may send him other places for duties for 2 or 3 days. then i should be alone . I am confused that i have to be with him n adjust or i have to be at my parents home (Bangalore . from 1yr i am in my parents house). I feel like my husband is also not happy by keeping quarters even he will have more responsibility n tension other than his heavy work . But he is telling that u come n stay but u have to Adjust n go , so what to do. shall i surrender to Krishna n go n stay with him n follow my patni darma or i have to think abt my safety . I want to share my husband\'s difficuties be with him n give moral support as he working so hard there away from family . but if i think other side i shuld not be the reasons for his new tensions from my side if i go n stay with him. I shouldnt be a problem for him. N he is not yet in krishna consciousness but sometimes he chants 1 round and when he comes in leave dont eat non veg n come to temple with me in Bangalore , Now as he is alone there he eats non veg n all . so if i go i can cook veg food n offer to Krishna n give prasadam for Him . N i want to stay n serve my husband nicely but i am scared n confused .so what shall i do . Should i go or saty in blore with my parents.

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  • Volunteer

    Especially you can carry lectures of 

    ---His Holiness Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami especially Mahabharata - very interesting. Maharaja reads and explains. Also Jaiva Dharma. Manu Samhita. Very instructive and we can learn many practical things.

    ---His Holiness Bhanu Swami Maharaja intense for knowledge. 

    ---His Holiness Sacinandana Swami check especially lectures and seminars on Japa. Very very nice

    and many more.

    Your servant, 

  • Hare Krishna Monika Mataji!!

    Dandvat Pranam, 

    I also stayed Army Area in Dinjan, it is very beautiful & safe place. When i was there i never found electricity issues..except one or two times when some big issue were there. Also you can cook prasadam in your own quarters once you settle down. The only thing i personally feel is related to your association of devotee... 

    And if you go, it will be good to for your husband also that he will get prasadam everyday. And Krishna does everything for a plan, we dont understand everything in the beginning, may be he's sending you to spread KC or to out his devotees from maya. We must accept whatever comes to our way, only because Krishna knows what is good for us.

    Your Servant,

    Jasbir S.

    • thanks a lot for ur reply prabhu ji. 

      • hare krishna thanks a lot for all of ur replies . i am feeling very good n happy aft reading all ur supportive msgs. 

    • monika mataji,,,

      u r not alone krishna is always with u ....... when u r chanting  radhakrishna dancing on ur tongue. please come on desire tree associate with pure devotees chant and be happy.. 

  • Hare Krsna Mataji
    My father is a retired army officer. Even he was posted to Dinjan and then to Karu. Me and my mother stayed alone in the army camp in Dinjan and my sister was even born there. My memory of that place is nice. There are nice tea gardens and there is always the army mess. I started my education in Dinjan. Ofcourse times have changed since then but I would suggest you to go ahead.
    • Thanks Zola Preetham for ur reply i feel good aft reading ur reply

    • Volunteer

      also agree with Zola Prabhuji.

      As like Mother Sita followed Her Husband Lord Rama every chaste women should try to follow her husband, don't they?!

      As You told Mataji, You will feed him with Prasadam, wash for it will be a great support to Your husband at his so hard job. He is a protector, sacrificing his life and soul for the protection of other living entities and it is good. But If You take nice care of him he will become a Devotee also and perfect his life.

      So please, go and do not worry much about other facilities. Krishna always give whatever His Devotee lacks and needs.

      Lord is always happy and pleased to see His Devotees being cooperative. As like He was pleased with 10 Prachetas. ...

      Your servant, 

      • Yes, Sitaji was princess and never knew hardship, but she knew that her place was with Rama, so she wouldn't be left behind.  For her, the hardships of forest life were no problem as long as she was with Rama.  The wife and husband are supposed to work together in Krishna consciousness, with both helping each other to avoid maya.

      • Thanks a lot mataji , i will go this is a time for me to depend more on Krishna n improve my daily sadhana chanting n all as i will have lots of time for myself n no diversions(NO TV , internet n friends relatives n all)  n i will try to do my devotional service more .PLZ PLZ keep me in ur Prayers .

        YOur's servent 

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