Nature and cloning?....

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Reading one of the books of His Divine grace Srila  Prabhupad ,I got confused when he told that some conciousness goes missing when a person dies? How can we relate this with Cloning?Where does conciousness come in case of cloning? 

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    Just got a wild thought when I read this thread. Cloning requires DNA in some format to develop the replica. We have heard from Srimad Bhagavatam that Durvasu muni pulled out his hair and created a demon out of it to kill maharaj ambrish. Hair is a good source of DNA and a life form was created out of it. Is this also cloning???? I am also not sure of this.

    However, What I have read in SP books is that without the permission of Lord, a soul can not enter any body. So, even in case of cloning, a soul need to enter this body. Otherwise all we get out is just a lump of dead matter.

  • Hare Krsna Prabhuji

    Cloning is just another method of reproduction like in vitro fertilization, embryo transplantation or test tube babes. The irony is just the procedure is being changed. The concept is still the same. Without a cell from donor animal and egg from animal and a surrogate animal in whom the embryo will be placed  no cloning is possible. Still the scientist have to depend on living spirit to create new spirit. It is not that clone just spring off from chemicals. No. That is a myth. what is already available and created by god they use it fiddle with it, re-programme it and claim they have invented and made it and maya fans their beliefs and immerses them more and more in this illusion.

    on a lighter nore

    And some deep complex karma of the soul entering the cloned body to be used as science project and then die in unbearable pain and agony. surely some scientist atma must only be goin thru this

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    Sudha Mehta

  • hare krishna prabhu ji,

    i am not a scholar of the scriptures but from what i understand is that - after death soul searches for an appropriate embryo to inhabit according to his past karmas . So, some must be finding the cloned embryo suitable for them.


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