Narayan and Mahesh are one- Lord Shri Swaminarayan

Hare Krishna,

I am not against any wise person who has more knowledge of vedas, shashtra etc but what I felt after watching so many discussion ,there is always hot discussion. Every devotee claim their god to be superior. If you ask vaishnavas (not all are like that) they will claim shivji like he is only devotee of krishna and if you ask shiv bhakt (not all are like that) they will speak same for krishna. And they both have numerous verses to proove their god superior. But I always got hurt by such discussion in which they either insult shivji or lord krishna. when I see so many verses posted by such devotees, i got confused what is write and wrong.why there is so much difference in different verses. some say everybody went to brahma and he told krishna is superior. then in other shashtras brahma says shiva is superior. each shashtra claims their main god as origin of everything and they are  written by some sages generation by generation. 

There is nothing authentic than that which has been SPOKEN and WRITTEN by god himself and that only ,I am going to present here. It is called as SHIKSHAPATRI which is written by Lord Swaminarayan himself and date is also given by him in his second last verse.

You will find he himself gives instructions which is similar to other vaishnav tradition but what I like the most is VERSE 47 which puts full stop on the difference of Narayan and shiv.

when narayan himself writes this, I don't think anybody is more prudent than Shree Swaminarayan who is himself narayan.

Link of shikshapatri is,

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  • not a single negative comment is written about Lord Shiva. Infact Prabhupada says hes spiritual master of the universe. some where he has said we should all behave as Lord Shiva i.e. pick up what is good in even bad guys. show me one negative verse. whatever he has written are facts. If the logic or interpretation is wrong then no one can help you.

    I am amazed at the silence maintained by iskcon. any one posts a video, comes here and offends their guru who is worshipped as Krishna and theres no response. why should I bother then??

    • I don't want to highlight it as it can hurt someone but you can read it..If I will tell the name ,it will not be can search on youtube also how much negative things one had said..even  people had abused him so much for saying so much negative abut lrd shiva...similalry in books also he has been stated as like ordinary and some have gone beynd limits stating him like he is fool and gives whatever yu want without thinking etc....everything is ok till lord krishna but the moment they attack on shiva's dignity ,it hurts..this should nt be point is only that..Even I respect prabhupad fr his devotin to krishna so no need to encourage others on the name of prabhupad to misguide..

      • send me at my email

        • link has been sent to your email id..please comare with your gyaneshwari geeta and also all the geeta of world in which lord krishna had told such rubbish about shiva..and also see comments of public on what he has told in video..this kind of fake peole are responsible for the riverly between different sects..

          • this is kaliyuga hence its bound to happens. listen to that Shiv yoga swami he says everything is shiv.  In Hindu religion no one fights for supremacy. A vaishnav can easily enter Shiv temple and viceversa. similarly with other demigods. I saw that link. I have send replies too.  You haven't given references by Prabhupada but by some other swami which I don't accept. Prabhupada has never said anything like that. Dyaneshwari or any BG doesn't say Krishna and Shiva are one and same. From Krishna comes Shiva that you don't accept so lets stop

        • uptill now not a single negative, ill or filthy comment I have found on Lord Shiva. don't spoil the names of people out of grudge. a vaishnav group will always show some dominance over other group. similarly will a Shiva group, Durgadevi and others but the ultimate truth is Bhagvad Geeta as its direct message from the Lord

          • domenancy is not sign of devotion.. for this dominancy world is fighting on the name of religion and sects bcz they start to interfere with other to dominate..true devotion makes harmonious not dominent..fools fight for supremcy

  • I fully agree with Dean prabhu unqualified, only aim to improve position money making people have ruined our scriptures.

    ok Hitesh atleast you believe that Bhagvad Gita is direct msg of Lord. then check this out chapter 11 verses

    Chapter 11, Verse 6

    O best of the Bhāratas, see here the different manifestations of Ādityas, Rudras, and all the demigods. Behold the many things which no one has ever seen or heard before.


    Chapter 11, Verse 13

    At that time Arjuna could see in the universal form of the Lord the unlimited expansions of the universe situated in one place although divided into many, many thousands.

    Chapter 11, Verse 15

    Arjuna said: My dear Lord Kṛṣṇa, I see assembled together in Your body all the demigods and various other living entities. I see Brahmā sitting on the lotus flower as well as Lord Śiva and many sages and divine serpents.

    Chapter 11, Verse 17

    Your form, adorned with various crowns, clubs and discs, is difficult to see because of its glaring effulgence, which is fiery and immeasurable like the sun.


    Now tell me from these verses how Krishna and Shiva are same??

    • I am putting the words of lord swaminarayan and he himself had never told such rubbish things about lord shiva ..and who was lord swaminrayan that I can't describe in words..Those who want to know who was he they can check above link which I have shared.. first see that and then decide if anybody should believe in his words or not..he himself is lord krishna..check shikshapatri and tell me any single rule which he mentined is against Bhagwad geeta or not...then how mahesh and narayan is one can not be accepted ? He has clearly mentioned after reading all scriptures, doing bared foot yatra at the age of playing with kids throughout whole india including kashi, jaganathpuri, navdweep etc...he is known as nilkanthvarni at that time...see his life and then decide if one should believe him or not..and regarding who is qualified and unqualified , there is nt any single instrument is there which can tell us who is qualified is only the height of spirituality which reflects in the life of great person and that is why I have put the words of lord swaminarayn..and If anybody want to test if he was lord or nt, they can check on the basis of parameters given in bhagwad geeta for lrd swaminarayan ...see video of his life ,read about him and if you find anything which can divert you frm the path of krishna with accepting his message of mahesh and narayan, then anyone is free to consider lrd shiva whatever they want..regarding bhagwad geeta, you will find several publishers and they will translate according to their knowledge..I accept words of swaminarayan and I can't hear anything rubbish about lord shiva on the basis of it..the devotees of lord shiva had seen him in lord swaminarayn which anybody can see in video..people are free to choose their own path..

      • swaminarayan must be Krishna in your sampradaya but other sampradaya may not accept it. The base or root teachings of all Vaishnava sampradaya is Bhagvad Geeta and I challenge you to pick up any non-iskcon BG and you will find the same slokas and the same translations.  Dyaneshwari is Bhagvad Geeta translated in Marathi by great saint Dyaneshwar also has same verse and same translations in Marathi. There are so many BG online plz check and show me one verse which is different. The vishwaroopa darshan is the ultimate proof that Krishna and only Krishna is the only god

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