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    i asked my parents the same thing. He makes me wear all these birth stones or whatever because I'm affected by Shani (Saturn) and Rahu ... navagrahas..

    when i asked them why these things makes a difference if I am serving Krsna, chanting, etc. and they said something about just doing it (not a very straight answer). I pressed them further saying that since the navagrahas are also servants of Krsna, would they dare disrespect Krsna's devotees and I brought up the example of the devotees in the temple who aren't really affected by it. I got the answer that the devotees are serving Krsna directly... I dropped it at the point seeing that they were devotees of Krsna, but haribol!

    I never got the true answer to my question, but I thought along the same lines as Maral Mataji. Just serve Krsna humbly prabhu. I believe it is Akrura who tells Sankhachuda (?) that whoever Krsna wants to kill, no one can protect and whoever Krsna wants to protect, no one can kill

    (classic example of that quote- the Pandavas or Prahlad Maharaja who Krsna protected and all the demons that Krsna killed)

    To add to Maral Mataji's "Friday" -- also, it is generally believed not to cut the nails after 6 PM in the evening because that is when the Goddess Lakshmi enters one's home

    Also do not cut the nails on Ekadashi

  • Thank u very much prabhuji
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    usually the best day for that is Friday. 

    Saturday is the day of Saturn. ...

    Anyways if we surrender to Krishna and if we are a Pujari and we have to worship the Deities then we must to cut no matter which day is that.

    If we do not worship to Krishna - to the Supreme Personality of Godhead we have five types of debts. 

    When we drink water or eat food it is not for the money of my parents or for my own money in the reality it is given by Demigods so if we do not repay them back we are stealer.

    But those who worship Krishna are freed from all debts.

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