Hare krishna

Dandwat pranam,

A friend of mine says he committed vaishnava apradh accidentally ,after which he got possessed by evil spirits which trouble him for years now. He asked forgiveness too but he says he did it again.

But he says that he is confused whether he has offences in his heart or not, because he experiences mild ecstatic symptoms like crying with tears and horripilation while chanting the holy name of krishna or hearing the holy name of krishna.

He is confused whether he still has offences in his heart or not, if yes then how are these symptoms surfacing, or is it these demons causing the symptoms of ecstasy? 


Dandwat pranam

Hari bol

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Please tell your friend to chant attentively, listening to each word that he pronounces clearly. 

    If he has committed vaishnav aparadh (we all have), then he has to beg forgiveness from that vaishnava, or take foot dust of that vaishnava on his head or render menial service to that vaishnava. 

    Regarding ecstatic symptoms, if he chants properly - he will know without having to discuss with anyone. One who gets ecstatic symptoms is not full of self doubt. He is too engrossed in Krsna to think about himself all the time - whether or not vaishnav aparadh, whether or not I am pure devotee. A person who is progressing thinks more and more of Krsna and less and less of himself. That is one of the signs of how much progress we have made - how Krsna Conscious are we.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Hare Krishna,

    If any Vaishnava Apradth is commited one should immediately ask for forgiveness at the lotus feet of the concerned devotee and also of the Lord. They should explain to the devotee very clearly what had hapenned, why such mistake was commited accidently and the past mental state as to why such action was taken, the current realization, and promissing to not to commit such mistakes again. This should be VERY CLEARLY said and done. That is the best one can do from their end if offenses are commited accidently. Then pray to the Lord and chant for forgiveness - maintain and continue devotional service. Then what happens to us because of such offenses is not in our control. A good plan is to think twice before taking actions, especially when dealing with devotees so that we do not commit any such offence in future. The offenses in the heart (in time) is removed by ABCD- association, book reading, chanting and devotional service. First priority being association, as other things will be taken care off very easily if association is there.

    Regarding evil thoughts, it is very easy. Mostly such symptoms, thoughts and realizations happens during night time after sunset. So an easy method is to stay with devotees during night. What I mean is to find a common home, BACE, temple or a place where all devotees stay together or atleast few devotees are there. Go and stay with them or invite them to your place for few days. These symptoms in mind and heart very easily go away in time. Also one thing that helps is attending evening aarti in temple. If this cannot be done - 4 regulative principles & chanting MUST be followed sincerely. 

    For spirits/ghosts at home, it is very important is to do sankirtan at home everyday loudly (without disturbing the neighbours) and pray to Lord Narasimha Dev - worship and bhajans. "Ghostly" symptoms and "ghosts" go away soon. This works wonders. Harinaam sankirtan with family at home, diety installation or maintaining diety room at home. Another small suggestion is to have the repetitive Srila Prabhupada/Spiritual Master chanting Maha Mantra audio player always 'on' in rooms. You can get such audio device players in temple.

    I am not sure what is wrong in having ecstatic sympotoms like crying with tears during kirtan. This is common.... um.. I would say common topic of discussion among many. If it is natural or not, they themselves will know, the Lord will know. Han.. if these ghosts or demons as you say are helping them getting tears during Harinaam Kirtan :), I would like to send these ghosts/spirits an invitation to my kirtan place.


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