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Hare Krishna
Every activity of the human being is to be considered a failure unless he inquires about the nature of the Absolute.
#What is the nature of the Absolute??

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Hare krishna ,Dandavat Pranams , A wonderful Question

                                        the nature of the absolute is Sach chit ananda Vigraha .Sach --Eternal, chit --Knowledge & ananda --  Bliss , Vigraha--with a Personal Form that is more attractive than millions of Cupids , Unmatched Beauty , Lord Krishna Has 64 wonderfull qualities in full , he is full in all opulences namely strength, knowledge, beauty, Fame & Renunciation .  No one can match Krishna in any one of this opulences .

Krishna is Omnipotent  ,it means that each of his senses can do the work of the other senses like he can eat through his eyes etc,krishna is also omniscient it means he Knows the Past ,Present & the Future .

Haribol Keep reading Bhagavat Gita And feel free to ask any further Questions 

Hare krsna,
In essence it means enquire about spiritual subjects. There are many verses similar to this like athato brahma jijnasa, variyan esa te prasna... SB(2.2),

Every activities on material platform is a defeat because it doesn't giv eternal benefit, all our achievements are temporary and they end at death which is inevitable. --
It is said in hbv, bhagavad bhakti vihinasya ...... Apranasya hi lokasya,mandanam loka ranjanam.
Ie, without bhakti ,all our high birth, austerity,achievements etc are like decorations on a dead body.

Similarly our body is also a lump of matter, it is lifeless. Oly due to presence of soul, the body animates through consciousness of the soul. So if we are working oly for tat body which is our tool for self realization,and neglecting ourself the soul, then it is like decorating dead body which is useless endeavour.


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