My Life, Ekadashi and Miracle….

Today is Ekadashi so I just thought to share one wonderful experience of my life...

Fortunately Ekadashi has been a part of my life since childhood. Being born in a Krishna conscious family it came naturally to me.I have been doing this ritual since childhood. 

But after my marriage, as it happens, I came across lot many new people, new habits etc... I was happy with the change, until the day when my mother in law told me that I would have to leave Ekadashi fast because only widows in their family keep this fast. At first I found it weird, I argued with her but no effect. Sadly then because of their belief I was forced to leave Ekadashi fast 

I was not at peace with myself after this decision. Somehow, that sense of completeness in my prayers was missing. I just prayed that somehow I could get back to Ekadashi. 

Then one day, something very unusual happened. My mother in law asked me to make Saboodana kichdi for Ekadashi. I was surprised! I asked her that how come she changed her mind, and she told me the very same reasons about Krishna devotion that I have been trying to explain her all this while. She also told me that 2 weeks back she had a vision that she is missing out on a very pure deed by not following Ekadashi. She didn’t pay much attention to it earlier, might have though that me bugging her on this topic has got on her mind. But then, when this thing kept happening every night then she spoke to a guru and he told her that her visions were indeed right. I found this story very hard to believe. But anyways, I was too happy on this transformation!


Then I called up my mother to inform her about this good news. What she told me was even more surprising. She told me that some 2 weeks back she spoke to our Guru Maharaj ji and told him that these days I was very disturbed because my mother in law is not allowing me to follow Ekadashi. On this Guruji said that - ask her to have patience and faith and things will change soon. I was still in state of shock when I kept the phone.


Howsoever unnatural this may sound to you, I do believe that if you truly ask for something then Krishna does listen to you and helps you out!!


All Glories to Krishna!!!

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  • Really wonderful!!!


    For the first time when i saw my parents chanting with bead bags, it may be one round still i thanked Krsna from my heart.

  • Nice interesting. Krishna fulfilled ur desire to serve him. :)
  • Thanks for sharing this

    Even i could recollect some similar incidence with my mom in law.

    She is very nice lady but not Krishna conscious but anyone who interacts first time with her might feel tht she is so strict as she has full of arguments for wht she believes is making her devotee is really very tough!!!

    Newly wed i could not open my mouth for anything neither was i a good devotee to pray to the Lord.So initially we used to have veg diet in her house but since we were only for some days then were supposed to fly back to mumbai so my husband thought better not to force for offering bhoga to the Lord but after some time again when we were supposed to visit my inlaws tht time i was so scared on the thought of not offering to the Lord or rather selfish because i wanted prasad.I was praying like anything... wht to do? i asked many senior devotees but none was practical. I couldnot have told anything neither my husband.I just surrendered to Gurumaharaj and asked him to help.i reached at night when already the food was ready so wt so much pain we had to eat tht but after dinner she took me to kitchen and said, "see i have got new vessels for u and this cupboard is urs wt all things untouched." I was so shocked and happy at heart! i thanked her. Next morning as soon as she left for her job, i asked my husband to bring new plates.. for Krishna and i cooked and offered..and guess wht she didnt say anything when she was back so we continued wt our practice and also by Gurumaharaj's mercy i could cook throughout my stay ( because i was scared tht if she wants to cook then wht to do? but by His mercy she never said tht) So by His and all devotees mercy we could get prasad !!!

  • Jai Shri Krishna..

    Deepika Mataji,

    As your name and your deeds are synonymous with light.. you bring clarity into the lives of your family regarding spirituality. May they grow spiritually as you are..


    •  Manojkumar prabhuji

      Thank you for your beautiful words ..

      Hare Krishna!!



  • Thank you very much for sharing this Lord reciprocation with His devotees.
    Krsna's mercy is out of our bound to appreciate. He reciprocates to His devotees each and every moment, only it depends on a person consciousness and Krsna's mercy to realize that.
  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Deepaka Mataji.


    Very Very wonderful past time you have shared. Even though we study a lot of books and know philosophy of Krishna conciseness, we somehow forget that Krishna is very very closely monitoring all our activities for he is seated next to the soul as super-soul or Paramaathama. It is he who keeps account of what we do and only by his permission can we do any activity - good or bad or devotional. Your sincere prayers and your Guru's desire has made the arrangement in such a way that your mother in law agreed upon Ekadashi fasting.

    • Hare Krishna Sudheendra Prabhuji,

      Yes..It was Krishna’s arrangement. 

      “guru krsna prasade paya” - by the mercy of Krishna one gets guru..

  • Mataji thts a wonderful incident.....and it shows Krishna is everywhere. Pranam....Hare Krishna
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