My initiation

Hare krsna  prabhuji's  and  Matajis

Pls accept my humble obesiances 

All glories to srila prabhupad 

Jai Sri gaur-nitai

I  needed  help  regarding my diksha process. 

I  daily and regularly chant my committed rounds  without  committing any offenses,  and Strictly  follow all the four regulative principals  without any  compromise. I  also follow the rules for kanthi.  

There is a Famous saying "Bhagawan apna bhakt nahi  chunte, Bhakt apna bhagwan chunta  hai" And so  I  Have whole  Heartedly  Accepted  His Holiness Navayogendra swami Maharaj  as my  spiritual Master. And  aspire to be initiated by him. I  m very much attracted to him, I regularly  watch his videos, Follow his instructions  and  everything.  

Now, the problem is:-  ( pls kindly  view  my profile to know  about  this)  Before  this I  never knew that Iskcon Banglore was  a Ritvik temple, whenever I asked  those prabhuji's  there about their diksha  guru  they  however tried to  tackle  the topic . They  never even  said that  "our  temple  is completely  different  from other  Iskcons so If u like  u can  Disconnect  with us and   join  any of them". Now  however it's too late when I came to know about their  Ritvik Initiation,  Now I feel like being cheated. 

 when it comes to my  initiation  process ,from where should I take  the Disciple  Course Now?

How should I prove that  I served krsna  and srila prabhupad  for more then  4yrs? 

Who will  convice  to Navayogendra swami regarding  my diksha and make  him recognise  me as his disciple? 

I  Don't want   the  Answer to my Questions   as  "KRSNA" 

Because I know  when one gets the mercy of  a devotee  then only one becomes a devotee, In the same way  Now my problems  will be solved only by the mercy of a pure Devotee.

I  know  My aspiring  guru resides  in  Udhampur, Kashmir and i m financially  fit to go there by the mercy of krsna  but I m afraid  of not getting  accepted  by him and denied  of diksha  for Not  having done the Disciple course and  being connected  to any Authorized iskcon  temple for 12 months

Pls kindly someone  tell me  how can I  Now  get my requirement  fulfilled quickly,  I can't  Wait  any  more for  Being a  Eternal  member of  Gaudiya  Bhrma sampradaya and I now it's  only  possible  by the mercy of  Guru through  which he connects the disciple  to this family  permanently. 

So, pls prabhujis  and Matajis  kindly help me out of  this Disastrous  situation,  pls kindly offer ur  mercy on this fallen soul  and  Help  me receive   divinity of  his holiness Navayogendra  swami Maharaj by becoming  his disciple. 

Ur  Insignificant servant 




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  • Hare Krishna Prabhu

    Please don't lose hope. I know a few devotees who have been through the same issue of being misled by the followers of this 'ritvik', who say they follow Srila Prabhupada only but not ISKCON. This makes no sense as this would mean that Srila Prabhupada's efforts to establish ISKCON is a failure and at the same time they can't provide any evidence from śastra of one accepting diksha from one's param guru. We are materially conditioned now, and we need a Guru to be physically present as well to serve him. Both 'Vaani'and 'Vaapu' seva are important. I know one ritvik temple where I live they take diksha from Bhaktivinode Thakur directly or any acharya they like from the guru parampara

    The point is- how will you relate to your Guru at this present conditioned stage when He is physically not present. These people have some issues with ISKCON thats why they invented their own system, OTHERWISE SRILA PRABHUPADA WOULD HAVE SPOKEN FOR HOURS AND DAYS BEFORE HE LEFT HIS BODY, ABOUT THIS NEW SYSTEM OF INITIATION WHICH IS EVIDENT NOWHERE IN THE VEDIC SCRIPTURES.

    In your case- please get in touch with your nearest ISKCON temple and explain your issue. Please have PATIENCE, things may take longer. You can download  'iskcon disciples handbook' and start studying. Iam sure if you want to get initiated, you will the only thing that stops us is our own attitude. We become easily morose & lose composure if things are a little delayed and thus check our own spiritual advancement.



    Dhruvanath Das( DIV)

  • Hare krishna prabhu, don't worry krishna and srila prabhupada are always with there devotees. I am sure that maharaj ji will surely accept you. I am sending you numbersof thier very senior disciples. You contact them and they will surely guide you so that maharaj accepts you .9417240380 h. G. Indranuj prabhu, temple president, Amritsar. 

    Thank you very much

    Aashray nimai das

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