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Hare Krsna 

I had one of the most beautiful dreams on Friday night (20/05/16), I was with a boy and a girl they seemed to be around 16 or 17 years old and they were leading me into a beautiful forest as if they were my tour guides. We came upon a beautiful pond and decided to cool off by dipping our legs for a while, I was a bit afraid of how deep the water looked so I asked the Boy if he can swim because I can't, he replied no, so I asked him what would happen if I fell in and was drowning, he said he would try to save me although he can't swim but I felt so brave knowing that he was with me and the other girl who sat quietly and watched him splash about in the water. The feelings, emotions and the scenery associated in this dream is indescribable. I cannot express how happy and peaceful it was to be this dream, I was so disappointed when I woke the next morning and realised it was just dream and I must now get up and get ready to face a depressing day. My questions are - what did this dream mean? Could the boy and girl be Radha and Krishna? Why did I have this dream? 

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  • my reason for sharing this story is to remind how fortunate we are as we have got krsna ram name as mahamantra... krsna was there to remind you his name is with will sail this human birth by help of krsna name...krsna name is more powerful thn krsna may be thats what lord wanna tell u
    • Hare Krsna

      Thank you Prabhu very much for educating me on this, I will never doubt Krsna again.

  • hare krsna...
    why doubt??? yes he was krsna and swamini ju....
    your dream remind me a story frm srimad bagwatam of the demon asked vibhishan ( brother of demon raavan but a great devote of lord ram) how can a rock float over a water as lord ram making setu to release janki mata...? vibishan gave one leaf and folded it and said cross this ocean by taking this leaf..demon said i dont know how to swim....but he trust vibishan and went on...he was nt drowned until he opened that leaf in midway and saw a name raam written over it ....he doubt how can simple name ram can do such miracle...moment he doubt he ws drowned ...
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