hare krishna to all devoteesAll glories to Srila PrabhupadPlease accept my humble obeisancesI just completed reading Chapter 62 of Krsna, the supreme personality of godhead.While reading it some doubts haunted my mind, I try to present it hereWhile reading it on page (564) last paragraph as it is written,"In due course of time, Usa exhibited some bodily symptoms by which it could be understood that she was having intercourse with a male friend."And on next page (565) second paragraph as it is written,"Banasura was shocked to understand that his daughter Usa was no longer a virgin maiden."So because of this. I got some doubts in my mindHow Both Usa and Aniruddha get physically intimated before marriage?. Cause in the vedic culture, its a greatest disgrace to the family. In today's world also it is a greatest disgrace to the family, If this things happened.That's y my question is, first of all I would like to know about Aniruddha, as he expanded from Pradyumana, So he is same Aniruddha of Goloka or his indirect expansion?Because this chapter appears to be like mundane relationships of modern couples, who can't control their senses and have sex before marriage.And also I have one more question why lord krishna supported Usa and Aniruddha?As Pradyumana was kamadeva in his previous birth, So is there any story of Aniruddha and Usa too about their previous life?Please forgive me for my questions because my mind have limited potency to understand glories of lord's expansions.Your servantSiddhesh

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  • Hare krishna Prabhuji
    Thnk u so much
  • Hare krishna Prabhuji
    Many Many dandavat pranams to u
    I again and again beg for apologies
    Since Im neophyte devotee thats y im a blooming Idiot to misunderstand it and with my limited mind potency i tried to ask questions.
    But please pardon me for my offensive words, just like a elder brother always forgive and rectify his younger brother, just like that forgive my offenses and thnk u so much for rectifying me.
    i didnt use that word to express my queries in the lilas But yes, i used it for Mundane relationships
    I really fear alot to offend devotees of lord and his expansion. bt if unknowingly i offend any1 than pls forgive me,
    Im lookin for mercy of devotees like u and dean Prabhu
    Again i thank u so much for rectifying me and i will always try to chant maha-mantra more and more and follow footsteps of pure devotees
    Im really grateful to u for makin me understand abt lord Aniruddha pastimes
    I wud like get some more clarification frm u, bt nt here
    becuz im worried for neophyte devotees like me who cn misunderstand pastimes of lord's expansions.
    Pls kindly give me ur facebook or any other social id thru which v cud discuss abt it, or else u cn add me here becuz i cnt add u
    • Hare krsna

                   please accept my most humble obeisances. all glories to srila prabhupada. All glories to sri guru and gauranga. I will surely help you to the best of my capacity. i am sorry to say that i donot have any facebook account. Below are my gmail ids



  • Hare krishna 

    Dandvat Pranaam prabhuji,

                                           Please accept my most humble obeisances. All glories to srila prabhupada. All glories to Sri guru and gauranga. all glories to lord nityananda and pancha tattva. Being the most fallen soul, I will just try to endeavor to answer your question and the rest is by the mercy of the lord. I humbly beg you to understand the situation carefully and in a cool way. 

    There is a vast difference between mundane relationships and transcendental relationships. According to garga samhita, Aniruddha is lord brahma, usha is saraswati devi. she is the consort of brahma only, in whatever situation. As many devotees like dean have already answered that the more we chant the holy name, the more we understand the lilas and the extraordinary activities of krishna, his expansions, the vishnu tattva category transcendental people. It will be revealed in due course of time.

    During the dwapara yuga, the princes of the royal order used to kidnap the princesses and they used to do rakshasa marriage. Morover, I am surprised to see the word "sex" before marriage when you are describing the doubts in the lilas. Transcendental people have nothing to do with so called mundane sexual activities. I humbly beg you not to see the lilas with a mundane vision and please donot compare them with the materialistic activities. I also sincerely request you not to imagine whatever comes to mind and donot jump to conclusions. You are really  doing wonderful service by asking good questions because, you wanted to preach to non devotees, but i can humbly say that kindly reduce the association with materialistic people, as srila prabhupada warns us to be very careful with materialistic people who always mentally speculate the activities of the supreme personality of godhead. 

    krishna lila ( the 10th canto of srimad bhagavatam) is narrated by Sukadeva goswami, an eternally liberated soul, a sannyasi who is detached from women and the three modes of material nature. Hence, it becomes a little tough for us to understand the lilas as we are presently conditioned in the three modes of material nature. having said these things, The srimad bhagavatam provides a wonderful explanation about the extraordinary activities of the lord and his expansions. hence, we also need to understand these aspects from a bonafide spiritual master. A person can relish the lilas and can properly understand them when one is completely detached from the thoughts of women. Hence chanting of the holy name is required to preach krishna consciousness. I notice that you have got a wonderful enthusiasm to preach krishna consciousness and you can please krishna. As krishna himself says that the preacher is very dear to him. hence, i humbly beg you that before preaching about krishna, always pray more to lord nityananda ( balarama) and lord gauranga (radha krsna). I am more glad that you are reading the shastras, but i also humbly beg you not to give room to any kind of mental speculations. I hope you can understand my sincere requests. Kindly let me know of any clarifications you need. I am always at your service.

    I hope this helps.

    yours humble servant in the service of sri guru and gauranga nityananda.

    Sri krishna gauranga nitai das ( sashikanth)

  • yes becuz hes expansion of Krishna himself, but I'm really looking for actual answers becuz its not possible if v have lackness of knowledge
  • Hare krishna Prabhuji
    i ask these question on behalf of my few friends because Non-devotees may raise question abt that
    If u find my questions offensive than kindly tell me, i delete it
  • Lord actions can't be imitate but we must follow his intsructions, I wanted to know why this things happened btw Usa and Aniruddha, wats da reason behind it?
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