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Hare krishna dear devotees i have a question. AS A Hobbist i am a writer and a poet ( braj and awdhi are my languages for poetry and hindi for writing ) i have seen that all the bhakt poets only wrote about krsna and his lilas i too love representing philology through my poetry but i am also intrested in writing romentic poems which depicts love story of princesses and princes but at the end i close the poems with philosophic ending i have stopped writing novels from two years since i came to krsna consciousness as i thought there are not many readers to krsna conscious novels and i would not love writing and thinking about worldly things but still i found that writing poems don't complete my appetite of writing what should i do can i start writing stories snd novels which are not krsna conscious but gives glimes about reality of life and world which can end with love for God and other topics 

Another thing that i think if i use my gid gifted aet of poetry and writing for purposes other than seva it will pollute my art and would be like offering already tasted food to krsna as in history none of tha bhakts used their art for entertaining worldly people i would even love writing krsna conscious articles if i can fi d an opportunity. 

I tried my level best to explain my issue please accept my humble obiences thank you hare krana 

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