• Once,  Srila Prabhupada had said, “Your qualification is that I give an instruction . . .” I thought the rest of the sentence would be “and you follow it,” but the statement was “Your qualification is that I give you an instruction and you try to follow it.” Not even that we follow it—just that we try to follow it.


    • Our opinions are not relevant in this case. Knowledge which came from holy scriptures are perfect.

      Vaishnavas in Iskcon dont eat mushrooms, sweets made of cocoa, garlic, onion and other things despite being vegetarian and dont propagate such thing. 

      • I guess I will just sit here, chant, be merry and happy in knowledgeable, opinions and does one know that knowledge from any scriptures are perfect?

        Om Tat Sat

  • -Why would only devotional service in the mode of goodness ONLY please a Lord, when at least someone in various other states of existence also are showing devotional service to show devotional service?  What kind of Lord is this?

    Prasada from non organic vegetables that are sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc as used in lots of Temples and Krishna restaurants should be classified as dark foods, plus they are coated with poisonous  chemicals and react like tamasic, rajasic foodstuffs, not sattvic

    Back to mushrooms, what kind of mushrooms do you think are not sattvic from their chemical, medicinal compositions?

    I enjoy some organic mushrooms and I don't feel they are tamasic or rajasic, but medicinal and sattvic.  I feel enlightened, healthy, ha,ppy of sound mind, blissfull, my nadis systems flow freely, I feel great, not sluggish, but enlightened.  Who decided that they where not sattvic and why?  Please do not  requote what has already been quoted.

    • "Why would only devotional service in the mode of goodness ONLY please a Lord, when at least someone in various other states of existence also are showing devotional service to show devotional service?  What kind of Lord is this?"

                Mixed Devotees

      Most of us are Mixed Devotees. The labels of Ignorance, Passion, & Goodness, are not personal attacks against us ~ rather, they are simple categories.

      We are serving the Lord, but we may not have corrected our diet, or steadied our sadhana (devotional routine).  Lord Krishna tells us that even if we try, but fail,.. that He will make arrangement for a new birth that gives some advantage to continue our devotional life.

      Even in this life, Sri Krishna is doing this for His devotees. 

      Once, I ate canned goods & processed foods.

      Then, I learned to seek our healthier foods.

      Next, I learned what Krishna likes on His plate.

      Then, I adjusted my diet.  It is not perfect, but I do my best.

      One Day, I will improve my cooking skills, offer to Krishna His preferred bhoga (foods), and be closer to the scriptural standards.

      I'm not there yet.... I am a Mixed Devotee who serves Lord Krishna and strives for a balanced devotional life & perspective.

      ys, bhr

  • I  offer my food since it was placed here on earth from the graces of godliness.  All us still partaking of many different kinds of mushrooms must be careful which ones, some are toxic and unedible.  Some good books to help as a guide are Simom and Schuster's Guide to Mushrooms with over 400 full color illustrations, information, ecological environment, edibility and common sense, if not sure, don't eat it.  There is a great book called Indian Edible Mushrooms by RP Purkayastha and Andrila Chandra and another book called Fungi Pharmacopoeia (Sinica) by Liu Bo and Bau Yun-sun.  Exceptionally informative with descriptions and important medicinal information.  So I guess I will sit here studying and chanting hARE kRISHNA IN THE MODE OF IGNORANCE, BUT I AM HAPPY.  Hari Om

    PS I have not gone mad, I see illusions and distinquish them, light in darkness at night, light in light with many colors, but there always is light in darkness and darkness in light. I'm full of energies of divine nature......  Namaste..........

    • PSS  there are lots of Facebook groups and information on any of the search engines that explain the health benefits of certain mushrooms, I offered up my organic shitakes to Krishna and felt the inertia of enlightenment energy.

      • Thank you very much for the information provided.

        Hare Krishna.
  • Thank you all for the guidance. Hare krishna.
  •  They are considered unfit foods to prepare in sacred food offerings due to their fungal nature .

     Mushrooms  grow out of dead plants and animals to help break them down and they are know as decomposers

     Anyway,  why eating food in mood of ignorance which will affect your mind ? :

    Bg 17.10 — Food prepared more than three hours before being eaten, food that is tasteless, decomposed and putrid, and food consisting of remnants and untouchable things is dear to those in the mode of darkness.
    Bg 14.13 — When there is an increase in the mode of ignorance, O son of Kuru, darkness, inertia, madness and illusion are manifested.


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