Moon And Sun eclipse

Hare Krishna

I have full faith in our Vedic scriptures but little confused about the timing of lunar eclipse and sun eclipse suggested by our modern Scientists(or astronomers) and Vaisnavas. How does it match with each other when their reasons are different?

According to Vaisnava it is due to Rahu and Ketu. But our material scientists says something else.

Please guide me.

Your Servant

Krishna Das

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  • Hare Krishna,


    This is very tricky question, and seems contradictory to Vedic Literature's because we cannot see Rahu but we can see moon. But let me tell you Vedic version is more perfect to predict eclipse than material vision. To know this we have to familiar with some of concept vedic astrology.

    In Vedic astrology, The point in time Map of Universe from particular location on earth is called Horoscope/Chart

    The whole universe reference from earth is divided into 12 parts/houses called Zodiac Signs/Constellations (Groups of Stars) they are further divided into 27 or 28 nakshatras.

    Now, we have to understand the Motions of Planets.

    Sun - It travel in each sign for 1 month and 12 such movements is called a year.

    Moon - It takes approx 2.5 days in one sign and approx 1 month to complete one cycle.

    Rahu/Ketu - It take approx 1.5 years in a sign and approx 18 years in one complete cycle. they are consider as a shadow planet in vedic astrology. Rahu called Head of Dragon/Demon and Ketu is Tail of Demon. They are always opposite to each other 180 degree. how can two planets be always 180 with reference to earth and move with same speed ?? This is an ideal condition. so they are the nodes of same shadow planets.

    Now let us understand first understand the condition of Eclipse & How can we predict a Eclipse from Vedic Astrology ??

    When SUN + Moon + Rahu/Ketu is in same Sign/Nakshatras it is called a Solar Eclipse.

    When Sun and Moon are in opposite signs i.e 180 degree to each other and conjunct with Rahu/Ketu then it a Lunar Eclipse.

    Now, let us material science. If you say we can predict it without Rahu/Ketu then it will be very difficult.

    We know Sun travels in each sign every month. Let us suppose Sun is Capricorn in month of Jan. and we also know moon takes 30 days to complete one cycle/ 12 signs. i.e it must surely come in contact with Capricorn (In front of sun) and it is also sure it goes to Cancer which is 180 to Sun. So every month we have situation that SUN & Moon comes in same signs i.e Comes in front (Solar Eclipse) & Sun and Moon are 180 degree i.e (Lunar Eclipse) but this is not the fact because there are no solar/lunar eclipse every month ?? How can we surely say that when earth, moon and sun are in line there is eclipse. Hence above material model is failed to explain. If you still say earth is tilted or relative motion then also it make is complicated to predict. Do you predict it by your own self? we have already consider them in same sign so how can we say its tilted or relatives??

    Now let us again take a example of Solar Eclipse from Vedic model

    So let suppose Rahu is in Capricorn & Ketu is in Cancer AND Sun take 1 month in each sign so at Max sun will take 6 month either to reach either Capricorn or Cancer and Moon will go through them every month. so by this calculation it is very easy to predict them.

    Hence, by vedic astrology it is said that it is Rahu which is responsible for eclipse not only sun and moon.

    Now let us take a practical chart at time of eclipse.

    Total Solar Eclipse Oct 24, 1995

    Location - Neem Ka Thana, Rajasthan India

    Approx time - 10:00 am

    2541536062?profile=original2541536043?profile=originalHere we can see that all are in Libra and Cause Solar Eclipse.

    Now take the birth chart of Lord Chaitanya it was day of Lunar eclipse.


    Take any other event of eclipse (Past or Future) and make a vedic chart and you will find that its only when Rahu/Ketu conjunct with Sun and Moon for Eclipse. (

    Hence Vedic Literature's are more perfect.

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  • Hare Krsna
    There are differences between Vedic cosmology and modern astronomy. Modern astronomy has no clue about the coverings of each universe for example.
    It is not possible to look from one universe into another because of these coverings.
    Lastly all of these manifestations are only one fourth of the total energy.
    One can gain entrance into that Spiritual World not through mundane scholarship but through devotion.
    • Thank you for your reply Prabhu.

  • Please answer my question if anybody knows it....

    • Volunteer

      Hare Krsna,
      My obeisances to all devotees, guru and gauranga.

      What is so hard to understand prabhu? Krsna says he is the source of water, scientists works out the composition of water (H20), now as a devotee when you are drinking water do you see the chemical composition or thank Krsna for it? Do you think "I am drinking 2 parts of Hydrogen and one part of Oxygen for every drop" or just be happy to quench your thirst from the water Krsna has provided?

      Coming back to the original topic, the seasons change, day and night happens, eclipses form and fade, Krsna says he is the source of everything, is that not sufficient? You say you have "full faith", then why ponder over how the scientists work out eclipses? You agree to the point that eclipse happen, weather pattern happens, a spiritualist sees it as Krsna's wonder, a scientist explains the phenomenon behind it. krsna has given the intelligence to the scientists to explain HIS creation.

      I say this to some of my friends "give credit to the person who explains God's creation, but give more credit to the person who created it". If the weather report says that today its going to be 35 degree day, then take the word of the reporter or the science behind it and dress accordingly, but also keep in mind that the scientist did not create a 35 degree day.

      Srila prabhupada ki jai..

      Hare krsna

      • Hare krishna

        Prabhu ji

        Yes I am a devotee and I have full faith in our Scriptures. And That is why I am asking this question because where I stay that is not a devotee colony. So many non devotees are there. Sometimes I need to answer their questions. Hope many are facing problems like me. I don't like debate but don't you think that I should answer sometime.

        I like Srila Prabhupada's teaching too and I believe that He is the real Guru. But Srila Prabhupada always explain scientific way which I like most. May this is called Science of God. But explanation is there.

        I read the vedic explanation of Sun and Moon eclipse. I agreed. But my question is not that. May I am not able make you understand my question.

        Again I am asking. If you know please reply.

        How does the date and timing match with Scientists( Astronomers) calculation and Vaisnava Calculation? When their reasons are totally different.

        I don't want to hurt anyone. Please forgive me If I do.

        Your Servant

        Krishna Das

        • E-Counselor

          Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


          At the risk of sounding pompous, I have to say that I am surprised at your question. So whatever our scriptures say and what science say about eclipse matches - date, time duration. So whats the problem?

          Normally people tend to believe scientists blindly. We only need to write in any newspaper/ journal that scientists are saying such and such thing or that they are predicting something. Everyone will accept blindly. How many will ask - which scientist, what authority, what is the basis of study..... nobody does taht. Only when it comes to scriptures, we want authority and basis.

          Another thing I have seen in my experience as a sadhaka is that when something is said in the scriptures and it is proved by science, people are normally very happy. They do not ask - the basis is different, how can they reach the same conclusion? To those people who are asking, can you not say that as long as both are predicting correctly, waht is the problem?

          Honestly I do not have an answer, thats why I desisted from replying to this discussion thread till now. Maybe thats why I think your question lacks merit - its my inability to address it. I am sorry prabhu, no offence meant to you.

          There are a lot of other things in the scriptures (Srimad Bhagawatam) which has been proved by science later - the progress of the baby in the womb, the calculation of time, SB even calculates upto 1/3 of a second. What happens to food broken down in the body - solids are solid waste, semi solids go towards making flesh, liquids are again divided into 3 - one part goes towards blood, one towards bone marrow and the last towards urine. Divert them to these topics na.

          Another classic example is - Newton DISCOVERED gravity for whihc he got Nobel Prize and is spoken about even today. Nobody gives a thought to the person who CREATED gravity.

          Another example is - Newton had a friend who was a dis believer. Once, when the friend reached Newton's house, he saw the scientist working on a model of the solar system, complete with sie, distances, rotation and revolution. He was very impressed and asked him how he made it. Newton replied - nothing..... some balls came together and started moving around one ball like this. To which the friend took great offence, and said - if you dont want to answer, its ok. How can some balls come from nowhere and start rotating around one ball, that too in such an organised manner. To which Newton replied - if a mere imitation cannot happen by chance, what makes you think the original solar system just happened by chance? Suddenly there was a BIG BANG somewhere and these planetary systems rolled out and started behaving in such an orderly fashion?

          Dont get stuck onto one thing prabhu, move on. Maybe one day you will realise the answer to your question and enlighten us.


          YOur servant,

          Radha Rasamayi DD

          • Hare Krishna

            Radha Rasamayi DD Mata ji

            Thank you for your reply.

            I really like the way answer.

            "Dont get stuck onto one thing prabhu, move on. Maybe one day you will realise the answer to your question and enlighten us."

            Yes I will move on to my next Question. Hope I will get that answer very soon by reading Srila Prabhupada's books and listening His classes.

            May I ask you one more question, please?

            Q - Lord Krishna gives this Gita knowledge to Bramha at first. It is also written in our 'Bhagavad Gita as it is' in 'Guru parampara list'


            Chapter 4: Transcendental Knowledge

            TEXT 1
            sri-bhagavan uvaca
            imam vivasvate yogam
            proktavan aham avyayam
            vivasvan manave praha
            manur iksvakave 'bravit
            The Blessed Lord said: I instructed this imperishable science of yoga to the sun-god, Vivasvān, and Vivasvān instructed it to Manu, the father of mankind, and Manu in turn instructed it to Ikṣvāku.
            Now please open my eyes with your transcendental knowledge.
            Your servant
            Krishna Das
            • E-Counselor

              Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


              The life span of Brahma is 100 years. Each day of Brahma consists of 1000 chaturyuga cycles - 43,20,000 years multiplied by 1000. The same is the duration of each night. Right now, the current Brahma is 50 or 51 years of age, and this is the 28th Chaturyuga in the middle of day for him. So you can imagine how many years ago this knowledge was imparted to him.


              However, this knowledge keeps on getting corrupted, so it needs to be repeated. The last time the repitition happened was 5000 years ago, by Lord Krsna to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. In that, it is mentioned that the knowledge was previously given to Vivasvan.


              Incidentally, Manu is also a post - 71 chaturyugas is the lifespan of each Manu.


              I hope I have been able to explain to you.


              As they say, Hari Ananta, Hari Katha Ananta.....



              Your servant,


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