mind on maya

Hare Krishna dandavats pranamThese days my mind is thinking about a girl class mate I usually won't talk with girls but this time my mind wants.Not able to stay KC .this type of thinking arises because I stay in hostel with friends and they talk always about these things that I like her she is good .I don't want to further think more about Maya ,please help me .I want toblove Krishna so please kindly give advice how to fix mind on Krishna .which past time of Krishna chaitanya I should hear .

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  • Better...U be in krishna consciousness...all dese contaminated words will pass from ur mind like tangent....nothing can effect ur mind if u'll be in krishna consciousness...:-)
  • Hare Krishna prabhuji 

    I've also been in this place once. The only thing you can do is to stay normal and focus on your duty/studies. Remember, you have no attraction for her, its only your mind and body, and you are not your mind/body. Stay firm in your conviction. Just relax, don't force yourself much, or you'll end up depressed. Try to minimize interactions with that girl as much as possible.

  • is it maya thats making you suffer or your perceived need to obliterate it thats doing it? thats what i would ask. No need to obsess over it.

    Much love.

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu, 

                              Same problem I am facing around as I am a college student. As we know that, In college all boys generally talk about girls a lot and vice versa. So it is very hard to not to think about think about girls because of this contaminated environment.

    But there are some  remedies that i generally apply to avoid  these kind  of lusts.

    The best way to ignore these thoughts is to busy yourself in other works. Works like reading collage books, doing project work, Reading Prabhupada's books, visiting temple weekly ( Sunday is best for student like us) etc etc.  

    Make yourself  that much busy such that you can not think about these kind of sense gratifications.

    While other boys of room tries to talk more about this and that girl, Simply put on Hands-free on ear playing Kirtans or whatever u think is best for that time.

    Sometime, Protest against them too not to talk about girls, and also just try to get their attention in some study topic's discussion like Any topic's explanation or further coming exams, submissions...

    This things will help you a lot. If you think still these people disturbing you a lot then the best way is to join Reading room available nearby your area( There is always some reading rooms or libraries available in near by areas)

    Tahnk you


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