Mind, Intelligence ,False Ego

Hare krishna ,

Dandavat Pranam,

After death we carry the mind , intelligence ,  false ego with us and get  the next  material body accordingly.The soul which goes back to godhead, does it carry these three with them ? If yes then how krishna tolerate false ego.If the answer is no and soul get a spiritual body , without mind and intelligence how can the soul understand krishna there and serve him and remain happy ? Please show some light to me.

Hari Bol !

yours servant


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    • Thanks marai Alymova ji for the answer but I got confused when you said this, Please explain:

      Coverings like earth, then comes 10 times bigger covering made of water, then 10 bigger covering out of fire, the 10 times bigger covering out of ether, then 10 times bigger mind covering, ...intelligence covering, ... false ego covering.

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