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We generally hear that what everone one think and also based on his karma he will get his next

body. It is said if a person desire to sleep a lot he will be born as koala (animal which sleeps a lot),if one has lot of sex desire they are born as pigeon etc. by the mercy of the lord. How can this be mercy actually it is curse and sought of punishment for having such desires. If one has some desire meant that he want to fulfill that desire in human form not like tree or animal. After many lifetimes we get human form, why again in the final stage we are put into so much illusion and thrown back into the cycle of birth and death. How can someone born in some place without any Krishna consiousness will be liberated? I know ignorance is not an excuse, If human form is highest then why this knowledge is not available to everyone, does that mean people deprived of this knowledge will again fall into the cycle of birth and death? Nobody wants miserable life in this material world, what is their fault and why most of the humans are deprived of this transcendental knowledge? forgive If I made an offense asking this question.


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      Dandavat Pranam. All glories To Srila Prabhupada

      Execllent !!!!!!!!, no question on this topic now.


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