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mercy for the fallen


To all of you who are reading , when grt sages can fall lustful. being a teenager cant i??? but the problem is i must have gone too far but i realized my mistake and i came back to my normal life of serving the lord . but yet i face ppl ignoring me blocking me and etc .... when krishna the all powerful showered mercy upon jagai and madhai ... why cant normal devotees show mercy on this fallen creature why do they need to block me why do they need to hurt why do then need to stop talking to me when i tell that i am changed it their lack of bhakthi or is it that they are found of apardha ... i felt soo hurted it happened in idt fb insta every where if i was lustful i am sorry after 4 months of training i have come back changed .......

hari bol 

deeply hurted

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  • Volunteer

    Hare krsna prabhuji,

    More than your regret on being lustful, your words about other devotees will take all your devotion away. All your spiritual credits will get smashed to pieces by doing vaishnava aparad. So, first refrain from it.

    Just like how you feel remorseful for committing a mistake, likewise, accept that everyone else take time to see that you have indeed changed. You yourself cannot guarantee that you will not commit that mistake again and then why should people or devotees take you on face value. The best way to show you have changed is to act the right way and with the frame of mind that I am not changing so people accept and forgive me but I am changing because I want the mercy of vaishnavas and the Lord to reignite my krsna consciousness. This is when the true change happens once the mercy is granted.

    is it their lack of bhakthi or is it that they are found of apardha

    It is not their lack of bhakthi but lack of bhakthi at your end prabhuji that gives rise to such questions. This lack of bhakthi gives rise to the feeling that you have changed and have the right for others to accept and take you back.. but in having such thoughts you are committing more mistakes. Please dont...

    You have rightly said that Lord is supremely merciful and he will forgive you.. but are you worthy of that mercy? Just show him that you are and then the Lord will make everyone to accept you again...

    In your defence I would say, dont be concerned about devotees who treat you this way for small things... A devotee is compassionate, loving and caring to everyone (not just devotees).. If someone ignores you for such a small thing, I would say, keep them away as they are not ideal for your spiritual growth anyway as they themselves lack the discipline and proper understanding of bhakthi if they are so judgemental.

    I think I have said too much.. I do apologise if I have offended..

    All glories to Srila Prabhupad!!

    Hare Krsna.

    • hare krishna prabhu i !!! thank you sooo much for opening my eyes for ever your servant hari boll!!

      • Volunteer

        Hare krsna prabhuji,

        I have sent you a friend request. Please write to me when you get time.

        hari bol!!!

  • hare krishna mata ji ......thanks for your comforting word i will follow the same ..thanks a lot ...ill pray for your well being thanks loads hari bol.............always your servant 

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    We all make mistakes and learn from them. That is what moulds us as we progress on the path of life.

    Please tell me why you want acceptance from those people who have already blocked you (effectively taken you out of their life). They have moved on - so should you, isnt it? 

    If you have changed, then whatever further contacts you make will be healthy and they will remain. 

    Justifying lust is not going to solve the problem. Lord Chaitanya delivered Jagai Madhai because He is the supreme lord. Others do not have the power to deliver, secondly they are not so forgiving. You cannot expect a common person to have the same compassion that lord has. Instead of looking at whether it is lack of bhakti on the part of people you have offended in the past, accept it as punishment for your acts (whether justified or not) and make it a point to be humble and pure in your dealings in future.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • hare krishna matha ji ....i feel soo thankful to you thanks a lot mata ji i accept my punishment and move further thanks a lot mata ji ill pray for your well being thanks a lot hari bol ....always your servant


  • People fall to raise up again. Its a tendency of Human to do errors. No one is perfect in this world except Sri Krishna. Don't feel sad one who realizes his mistake and repents sincerely burns his sins away. sometimes, people behave harsh with you only to make u realize the trust they had upon you. 

     You made a  mistake. BUT STILL LORD IS VERY GENEROUS and always forgiving. Don't feel sad!  everything happens for a good purpose as yashoda mata ji said. My advice to you is don't do more sins by blaming others for not talking to u back. Just chant and study well. and don't commit more mistakes. Hope u have a wonderful Krishna conscious life ahead.

    May lord forgive you.

    Hare Krishna.

  • What training you have taken prabhu? you said you got Rithwik initiation. What does it mean? do they train you how to control ur lust and tame ur mind and senses.???

    Just curious is lust so easily controllable in 4 months? what is that training program pls. tell us so that all can become aware of that program!


    Hare Krishna.

    • hare krishna mata ji they dont train me but when you get in real touch with devotes and when you r only in krishna prema the you forget abt lust its how i control my self 24 x 7 im surrounded with ppl and bhajan runs all day long even in school i have found devotees so there has been no chance for me to be lustful 

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