Meditating on Krishna's lotus feet

Hare Krishna...

As someone who is attracted to Krishna and feels bliss when reading spiritual books related to Krishna like Krishna book, Bhagvad Gita, etc. But for some reasons, I have not been able to chant much and have not feel attracted to it...

However off late, every day when waking up in the morning, I close my eyes and try to remember Krishna's lotus feet and within my mind, just focus on his feet for a few mins and pray and even mentally chant the mahamantra. Post that, I read some spiritual books..

Could someone please guide if this method of focusing is helpful at all. Thanks. HK..

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  • I recommend reading "Radha-Govinda meditation techniques" by Mahanidi Swami. It contains a very in depth descriptions of the Lotus Feet of the Divine Couple. It's available on Amazon as a pdf download for only a few dollars I believe-- Hare Krishna!

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna prabhuji,


    Very nice to read your post and your efforts to get into devotion. A few things you could try to advance in devotion quickly:

    1) Serve devotess. Somehow or other, render some service to a devotee. It could be as simple as giving a wake up call for mangalrati. Or it could be sending some devotional text that you read to a few devotees. Or it could be cooking, offering, and then serving devotees. Depending on your circumstances, you could see what is the way you can render devotional service.

    2) Chant the Pancha Tattva mantra - Jai Shri Krsna CHaitanya Prabhu Nityananda, Sri Advaita Gadadhar Srivasadi Gaur Bhakta Vrnda a few times.

    3) Pray to the lotus feet of the lord that you would like to remember Them more intensely and more often, so please let me chant.

    Srila Prabhupada had once told his disciples that the entire process of prasadam, book reading and distribution is aimed towards making one chant. So chanting is the yuga dharma - the ticket back to Godhead in this age of quarrel.

    I pray that you are able to chant and enjoy the benefits very soon.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  •  Hare Krishna,

    Very nice that you are able to meditate on Lord's feet by trying to remember Lord's Lotus feet.. That is really great. Smarana is also important.

    Of all the 9 processess of bhakti. one of the procedure is smarana of the Lord's form, His pastimes..etc.

    But in Kaliyuga taking Lord's name can only save us as.. the yuga dharma says so.

    poet-saint, Goswami Tulsidas  says..", "Kalyug Kewal Naam Adhara, Simar-Simar Nar Utarahin Para" which means "in the Age of Kali Yug, it is only by vibrating Naam will human beings sail through the deep sea of the world. Only Naam will give bliss, peace and liberation.

     Lord Krishna says in  Bhagavad Gita, ” I am Japa among Yajnas” Lord clearly said that Japa is best among all kind of Yajnas.

    mentally chanting is okay but.. Loud chanting should be practised too. It helps every living organism to get the benefit of hearing the Lord name.

    Spiritual texts reading is best.  But above all  reading...devotional service is more better.. doing pooja, diya lighting..etc.

    More better then that is holy name chanting.

    I apprecite your trying to getting remember Lord's feet manually you are training to remind yourself to remember.. instructing the brain to recollect what pictures it had seen. Very nice.

    But when you chant for many many years.. You will get Mental vision of Lord without your reminding and trying itself.

    Listen.. when Dhruva maharaj was just a 5-6 yr old boy..when he met narad muni on his way to find God. He asked narad muni how does God look like. Narad muni gave the description of Lord. Like that we also have descriptions of Lord in texts and deity forms now to know how Lord looks like. But when little dhurva started to practice chanting the mantra given by Shri Narada. Then only he got the mental vision of Lord. Lord first manifested in the heart region of dhruva.  One who is able to get in touch with the supersoul ( parmatma) who is present in the heart region. that time only our heart chakra opens. atma and parmatma become one. Atma gyana will happen. Atma will get to know who is he actually what is his relationship with Parmatma.

    Once you feel the relationship then only next step happens. See.. If Little dhruva came to know the description of Lord. Oh Lord had 4 hands itseems and Lord has beautiful lotus petal like eyes itseems.. Oh Lord has rain cloud skin hue itseems. then think Oh now I know who is this Lord and went back to home. He wouldn't have acheived what he achieved today. such high recognistion from Lord.

    To know about Lord and His features by reading .. seeing the deity form in temple.. thinking about Him is fine. But to really experience the sweetness when your atma and parmathama get in touch .. you will feel like as if in another world. 

    ya ,..ofcourse you are trying to bring the deity's feet into mind and thinking about Lord's Lotus feet.. But Let us think you got atma gyan and Lord starts reciprociating with you..How will you feel?

    One more thing are you feeling this thru out entire day? When you chant and you get in touch with parmatma.. you know what exactly happen.. You will never forget Lord anytime of the day. Every step you will think about Lord. not closing my your eyes and trying to remember. You will be speaking.. to Lord Lord will be replying... Lord will interact with you in every activity you do.

    Well to remember also you need to have some sukriti ofcourse. But to get Lord into mental vision and Lord becoming a part of you daily life ...Lord reciprocating with your haava bhavas..its entirely different thing in all) It takes long time sadhana to reach to that level.

    Manasi pooja is good. but it should involve more prem bhava.

    One devotee I remember to have read this katha somewhere but forgot the devotee name. But ya. that person used to do manasi bhakti. But his bhakti was not just remembering..Lord at a perticular time. He was a premi bhakt of Lord. He was a baniya by profession ( trader)  you know how baniyas are basically very stingy people. But he had very very deep love for Lord Sri Krishna also. He never used to do devotional service to lord.. ( kanjoos) so he thought why to waste.. agarbatti, why waste money on buying oil... and flowers .. anyways guru ji tells that...bhakti toh mann se kiya jaata hai.. Why should I waste money on all this paraphernalia he thought and he used to sit... and just imagine in his mind.. whatever he wanted to do.. as

    He sat nicely and kept on thinking.. ok today I will dress Lord in pink clothes.. and put pink flowers and offer diya and show agarbatti.. I will use sandal wood smelling agarbhatti aaha ahaaa so nice smell.. aha .. now I am going to put chandan tilak on my forehead. Now i will offer tulasi leaves on the feet of Lord..aha.. Lord is so great.. . aha what a day.. now I have to make some sweet dish also for offering bhog.. Oh lord.. you must be hungry.. wait wait.. let me make some kheer.. In that kheer.. I will add some kesari to increase the flovor.. aha my lord today its ur lucky day I have kesari at home. . You will get a mouth watering dish to have..thinking so in mind..he adds kesari to mentally) OMG he shouts.. suddenly.

    Kesari ( saffron) fell too much into the kheer.. and this Kesari is so expensive..I thought I can use this whole box for whole month Lord.. What to do..Let me take out the dry kesari powder which fell just above and store it back into the box.. actually kesari was not too much but as he is stingy .. he wants to use very less. ( moreover everything was happening in his imagination only HAHHAAH) but still this fellow puts his hands into the hot boiling kheer and tries to remove the saffaron. Just as he was about to do.. Lord Sri Krishna holds his hand and says.. Leave it like that.. It seems just right enough .. It looks tasty too. Lets have it. Just as if it was happening in real. The person felt the touch of Lord's hand. suddenly his mental vision broke and he came back to his senses. and was wonderstruck .. what is this. I was just doing manasi pooja and Lord came and holds my hand. 

    That type of bhakti if we have.. ya ..totally involved and feels all the things every minute being with Lord.. That is when Lord's starts reciprociating too.

    Hope it helps.

    Hare Krishna.

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