Some where in sad sandharma if any one know that some of prominent dewas were get his name from Sri Visnu sahasranam name.?

It is said that Sri Visnu grand his name to used by some prominent demigod like Indra etc?. 

Your help very appreciate.

Dandavats hare krishna.

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  • Maybe it will be easier, if we keep on our mind God-head and chanting.

    Hare Krishna, Hare Rama

    • Hare Krishna

      Thank you find its in Tatva Sandarbha page 98 PDF of HG Gopiparandana pb.

      Study of the vaisnava books is part of the very important of sadhana, its serve us

      as the map of our sadhana.

      Dandavats pranam

      Agastya muni das

  • When there is no Indra since Indra is a title, Lord Vishnu as Upendra assumes the post of Indra.
    • Hare Krishna

      hare krishna

      Thank a lot, any one know which book and verse of the Sad Sandharba mention like that?

      Thank for you help.

      Agastya muni dasa

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