• Maya blocks the way to Krishna. But still it is Krishna's energy. See how? What Srila Prabhupada says :
    prapancikataya buddhya
    mumuksubhih parityago
    vairagyam phalgu kathyate

    Prapancika means material. So prapancikataya buddhya hari-sambandhi-vastunah. Everything has got connection with Krsna because ultimately everything is Krsna's energy. The material world is also manifestation of Krsna's energy. Bhumir apo 'nalo vayuh [Bg. 7.4]. You'll find. Material world means these five elements, gross and subtle. Earth, water, air, fire, sky, these are gross. And mind, intelligence, and ego, these are subtle. These elements, material elements, Krsna says, bhinna me prakrtir astadha: "These material elements, they are separated, but they are My energy. They are My energy." The same example. Just like cloud. Cloud is created by the sun. It is sun's energy which creates the cloud. You know. By temperature the sea water is evaporated, forms into gas. That is cloud. So cloud is created by the energy of the sun, but when there is cloud you cannot see the sun. Sun is covered. Similarly, material energy is Krsna's energy. But when you become covered by this material energy, you do not see Krsna. This is the position.

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    The following is my deduction and not necessarily correct.  

    We are told and accept that Krishna has no beginning and no end.  Therefore the energies of Krishna also has no beginning and no end. So we can deduce that Maya is part of Krishna and thus not created.



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