Matrix ? Inception ? Vice City ?

I hope most of the people here have watched movies like Matrix , Inception or have played video games like Vice City etc.My questions is wether if their is any similarity between the concept of these games , movies and the Material World we are experiencing right now !Sril Prabhupada has informed us that our world is relative to the absolute world and further our Lord Krishna confirms in His Gita this world as a perverted reflection of spiritual world . So its not wrong to call this Reality in other words Spiritual Virtuality . Spiritual Video Game ! ?In the movie Matrix they show that Neo (hero) was actually existing in Matrix i.e. a simulated artificial world . Isn't it same within our own Brahmaaji's World ? It is also artificial .In movie Inception , the concept is of entering into Dreams within Dreams . And it is shown there that the speed of time is Slower within Dreams .Now same is our situation . We are witin breath preriod pf Maha Vishnu ! Its as if everything is Paused within the level of Maha Vishnu in comparison to our time 2014 . Which is very very very very verrrrrrry faster than the Time taken by Maha Vishnu to complete His one breath !I doubt if anything would be much have changed in Golok Dham within the time peroid we left our Home and the time we will go back to Home , Back to Godhead .Oh ! Either I have become mad or will become within few days !But whatever . Krishna you Rocks ! All these is very amaizing ! And its really beyond my capacity to estimate your greatness ! All glories to You ! Please engage me purely in your service .Devotees , Matajis , Prabhu jis please throw more light over these topics .

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  • Hare Krishna.
    Maral mataji thanks for replying . Please accept my humble obeisances .

    Subtle elements are more interesting then Gross elements .

    And Time Prabhu is even interesting then Material elements . He is known as contoller of Material Energy .

    But how amaizing is Krishna who is the very source of all these and play with these elements like toys .

    I have made a slogan regading this for Krishna , hope everybody like and appreciate -

    " I am your Doll
    You are my Doll "

  • Volunteer

    yes, our time is too fast comparatively to higher planets what to speak of spiritual world.

    And some other planets or living beings we are not able to see because they live in different time dimension.

    It is like as we cannot see the shape of a working fan. It is moving so fast that we think that fan does not have any wings.

    But in the reality they are there. 

    So happens with parallel worlds...we cannot see.

    So true is Your realization Prabhu - Krishna's creation is amazing.

    Your servant, 

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