Hare Krishna. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga. My most humble obeisances to all the vaishnava devotees of the lord.

As I have recently joined this site, I want to know whether there exists a site for matrimony service for ISKCON devotees worldwide. ISKCON Desire Tree is providing so many services in its website such as blogs , discussions, videos, live webcams, photos etc. Isn't it possible to add a matrimony service to this noble site which is helping humanity at large? What will happen to the next generation of ISKCON? Will they get married with non-devotees?

Please give me your kind help and suggestions on this issue. Thanks. Nitai Gaura Premande Hari Hari Bol.    

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  • www.marryadevotee.com

  • Hare Krishna Oumesh
    KC is targeted to achieving Shudha Prema Bhakti alone and resonate one's existence in those contours and flavors till exit of the Sthula Linga/Sakti Sarira and not agitate either of these types of bodies and their false senses into the slightest domains of gratification.
    (The Non KC way)
    The Institution of Marriage which even entered into as per the sacred Varanasharama Dharma norms to propagate Krishna Conscious children (which is very rare now a days) it still gets mixed up with heights of sense gratifications which are colossal tolerances to the Indwelling Micro-Manager and Master of Senses.
    It results in indefinite transmission loss with respect to migration towards desired end results.
    Though I am a grihasta I will rather commit KC Dana of my deemed children rather than Kanya Dana and dump them into the thralldoms of Maha Maya resulting in complications of gratification desires of endless types in the messy mesh of deemed family life.
    I would rather encourage youngsters to steer themselves towards the state of the art Brahmacharya and assimilate KC knowledge from the transcendental knowledge banks which my Guru Ji Maharaja Srila Prabhupada has so carefully, meticulously structured such that it hits the understandings of even vilest of the vilest like me and which now our ISKCON devotee brothers have brought under the universal access through the Internet.
    And then double graduate themselves to the Krishna Loving stature of Sanyasa clearly steering themselves and the rest of the jivas in human bodies now and the generations to come by.
    The final objective is that by the time the time for dissolution comes, there should be no jivas with intentions of NON KC/Krishna Prema thereby giving Dear Bhagavan Sankarshana the relief from the need to recreate contaminated domains and micromanage them.
    Guru Ji has been very clear. Eliminate sex totally. If you must and should then get married and involve in regulated sense gratification and produce in KC kids (this is very very rare). I will rather advise on the elimination enabling eradication of the risky conditions that one could get into by adopting the latter.
    Kindly observe study and retrospect over the matter in the below link:


    Best Regards
    • Anyway, for souls who are embodied and in need of a "safety net" of married life-I have recommended www.vivahamitra.net as the largest devotee matrimonial site.

  • Well we did think about it in past

    However, the issue is fakes and spammers - very difficult to distinguish from genuine

    Hence, we though to better concenterate on preaching Krishna consciousness rather than waste time in filtering genuines

    Besides many site already available

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    Grihasta.com :: Vaishnava Matrimonial Bureau
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