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Hare KrishnaAll glories to Srila PrabhupadaIs it wise to help materialistic people attain materialistic goals?Or should we just leave them by themselves even if we were in a position to help?Is it right to think that if we help materialistic people attain materialistic goals we are helping them become more materialistic?Should we help them achieve only KC goals?It might even be something as simple as helping them with some assignments at school.

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  • No need to help; However we should refrain from help only with the intention that your help is no way going to add value to your/his life in terms of Krishna Conscious benefit. However if you are not exposed to the aspect of giving at all in the first place ; you should start giving donations to poor and other needful people not with the intent of doing punya but with the hope that you will attain enough Sukruti to serve Vaishnavas. The process of parting whole-heartedly with whatever possible is also a purificatory process that will destroy the germ of possessiveness of things from the heart


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    Hare KRsna PRabhuji,


    A devotee is always helpful by nature. At the same time, lending a halping hand should not result in your deviation from your sadhana. Helping in some assignments in school will certainly not take a devotee away from Krsna consciousness.

    Pls go ahead and help others, when they say thank you, ask them to chant Hare Krsna. Let them wonder how you manage to get so much energy - doing your work, helping others and at the same time, remaining cheerful at all times. This is possible only if you are practising Krsna Consciousness.

    It is said that a devotee always preaches, only sometimes he opens his mouth to preach. By our behaviour also, we can preach. Helpfulness is good, but one must use one's head and not go overboard.

    I hope I have answered your question.


    Your servant,


    • Thank you very much, Mataji!
      And your suggestion as to how to overcome laziness in a previous discussion had also worked well for me. Thank you

      Hare Krishna
  • There is no perjury in honorable work. Krishna said that examplary men serve by their actions as models for common men. To make charity ones life compulsion or goal isnt any helpful either. Not because charity is bad but because oit kills peoples desire to strive like all those "disable" people that in truth dont want to work.
    One could argue that through taxation charitable work is already undertaken; only that it is not directly done so. In north america they have welfare and food stamps.
    Likewise how many of those people benefit from material support... Who knows, many times they are or we are where we stand due to life desicions rather than initial need.

    Some people require to meet social goals: we all do in truth. Lord vishnu divided human life in 4 parts. Bramhachrya etc etc and the renunciation part. Middle 2 sessions in life which total 50y are dicided in materialistic goals and enjoyments thereafter.

    Everyperson is different. To categoriE things is childish.
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