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What is the exact defination of " material Life"? How can we diffentiate between spiritual and materialistic life? Husband-wife relation comes in which category?


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    If Husband and wife are having a relation only to satisfy their sexual desire and if Krishna is not the center of the family it is Material life. If husband and wife have relation to beget a Krishna concioness child, and both are always absorbed in remembering Lord, it is Spritual life. When we are doing any activity, we can just think this - Is it for my own sense gratification or for gratification of Krishna. if the answer is Not for Krishnas pleasure, then it can not be spritual activity.


    Every activity we do can be made for the pleasure of Krishna. For example, being in the Grahasta ashram, we can not sit home without going out for work. But the work we do should be done only to give pleasure to Krishna. This can be done by many ways. We all eat food every day. instead of just eating the food, we offer it to Lord first and then accept the prasadam. Shastras say that a person in Grahasta order should support the renonced order class of the socity. It is also said that we should give atleast 10-20 % of our earnings in charity. By doing these small activities we will remain Krishna concioness always.

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