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  • Hare Krishna,

    Sri Krishna only gives whatever you desired to.  You asked for this life in your last birth..last birth last wish decides your future birth. To complete your desires and karma that were left, Lord created this material world and desires just to fulfill your desires...which was unfortunately other desires then serving Krishna.

    Not only you all of us have desired something other than serving Krishna so Lord simply created a perverted reflection of the spiritual world and gave us this toy to play with and made us forget HIM for making us fulfill our desires. Tell me now.. He is so caring father right? He gives whatever we desire for. HEHHEHE

    One mother was preparing food and the child was crying..... for the child also desired to be a mother and cook like her.. Then the child started to make noise throw things disturb its mother...said "Mommy I also want to cook like you".. What will the mother do??? She will buy a fake cooking toy set and give to the child and say now cook.... This is what happened.

    We started to imitate Krishna and wanted to work independent ..when this false ego started in us.. Lord said okay take this fake world enjoy time till you understand that I am you real father and come back to Me finally. Finish all the desires which you have ..But alas! we got attracted to the material world so much that one desire fulfills we are asking for another desire.

    One life we begged Lord that we want to be wealthy....He said OK...he gave you wealth...Then next life you said I had enough of this wealth I want good health  he said OK>> Next you asked No good wife and children....OK take it.....Next life.. You asked for good friends....then you asked for name and fame ...every life we have been asking for various wants.. But we have never asked Lord till now......I want ONLY YOU. TAKE ME BACK. He is so merciful ...He has been giving whatever you desired for.

    Isn't HE kind and merciful....??

    Hare Krishna

    • Thank you so much for the answer. Yes of course, there is no one in the Universe who is as merciful as Shri Krishna!! Hare Krishna!!

  • Hare Krsna Prabhuji pamho agtsp 

    Just by utilizing all the resources that have been provided to us for serving Lord Krishna we can serve Lord Krishna very well.

    If you love some food, you can prepare and offer it to Lord Krishna and then take prasadam. If you love some dress, you can dress Lord Krishna in deity form nicely. You just divert your desires towards the Lord. Lord will take care after that...

    Your servant 

    The world is a resource to take us to the source
    • Thank you so much for answer mam! Hare Krishna!! Hare Rama. 

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