martial arts favorable or unfavorable to KC?






Classes in vaishnava cooking, deity worship, ayurveda, spiritual business ethics, accounting, martial arts, playing of instruments, vedic ragas, yoga, raising Krishna Conscious children and other such skills are also offered in the syllabus.


Q. Can you please explain the role of martial arts in modern society and what their purpose was in the Vedic culture? Is practicing martial arts unfavorable for Krishna consciousness?

A. Martial arts are primarily for self-defense. Although they have nothing to do with the sadhana of Gaudiya Vaisnavism, if one is interested in such arts, one can practice them without hindering one’s spiritual practice. In time, with serious spiritual practice, one’s interest in martial arts should dissolve, as is the case with all interests other than those directly concerned with krishnanusilanam, the direct culture of Krishna consciousness.



i want you people to visit this link and read it fully please... its a real story of a devotee.


Im interested in learning martial arts very much.. so is it sin if learn matrial arts.. i have tried many times to forget about it .. but i jus cant do it. it comes on and on.. now am 19.(running) and doin BCA in India. Im chanting 8 rounds daily and trying to take 16 rounds diksha shortly. im increasing slowly. so can i learn martial arts even though it has nothing to do with krishna conciousness and my it sin if i do so?

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    Hare Krishna Krishna Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    from Mahabharata we may know that Pandavas also used to do such like trainings daily, in order to keep their Kshatriya form. Devotee learns something if with that thing he/she will be able to serve to Krishna and to His devotees.

    If someone is physically strong for example in this Kartik Yatra helped Devotees protecting bhoga offerings from Monkeys, or protecting them in the time of parikrama... so in this way what ever qualities we have we can use it in the service.

     But those sports should not become to the first stage which is over passionate, they should be obedient to our chanting and to other services.

    At least we have to cultivate desires which Krishna likes not our own egoistic desires. But this consciousness will come after some time, not artificially.

    Your servant,

    • Hare Krishna mataji, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!


      thank you very much for responding. did you read the story of jaya vijaya prbhu? (i've posted the link).

      what is your opinion about jaya  vijay prabhu? what he did was right or wrong?

      if it is wrong why did the devotees encouraged him to do so or train in martial arts in a so advanced manner?

      if it  right, can one serve krishna by helping devotees, protecting them from danger. and also in the story jaya vijaya prabhu  started a school of martial arts and named it HANUMAN TAKEWONDO where he not only teaches his students martial arts for the body but also preach them in krishna concoiusness which is for the soul. so isnt it jus like converting anything and everything to krishna conciousness? so is this wrong or right?

      at this stage can one still advance in Krishna conciousness?


      your servant,


      Do or Die With Jaya Vijaya | Back to Godhead
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        "“The true value of martial arts lies not in learning the art itself,” says Jaya Vijaya, “but in acquiring internal qualities developed by learning its basic practices.”"


         if we will spend 10 hours and all our thoughts on training martial arts then it is time looser. The main thing in Krishna Consciousness is:

        Always remember Krishna and never forget Him.

        Maharaja told him to open school and teach people not only martial arts  but in between to tell to them about Krishna and His Devotees.

        There is this philosophy:

        No need to change your duty, if you are a student, or a doctor, or a sport coach have just to add the Holy Names into your life and that is it. Perfection of life.

        in order to maintain our body we have to work and earn money for food and cloth. Vijay Prabhu's carrier was sports and after coming to KC he continued his job.

         If you want to earn for your livelihood by being engaged in martial arts it is ok, but again we have to do our duty only for Krishna. As if Krishna ordered us to do this particular service. then by the time, by the mercy of Krishna and Guru we will get intelligence in order to be occupied with pure Bhakti.

        Your servant,

        • Hare Krishna mataji, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!


          thank you for guiding me properly in this regard. i will always try to remember,follow things that you've told me.


          your servant,



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