Mantra called "Shri Ram"

Hare krishna ......PAMHO......can some one please tell me,....if there is any difference between Krishna and Rama.....Even a slight difference?so can i call krishna by Ram...or Ram by krishna......i mean other than Hare krishna mantra....i also love this mantra called "shri Ram" is it fine to chant it also....since it is short and sweet  too...

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  • By the way, it has been prohibited for a devotee to discriminate between the forms of God. But only if you are asking to know out of instinct, then I will tell.

    1)Lord Rama is born on Navami, Lord Krishna is born on Ashtami, according to Sanatan Dharma, Navami date is considered complete, that is, there is no end above the number 9 because after that the digits repeats only. 

    2) The Vedas had incarnated only once ( Valmiki Ramayana) when the Lord of the Vedas appeared on the earth. After that the Vedas never incarnated because with Lord Shri Ram going to the supreme abode, they also went with him. That's why Lord Rama is called Swayam Ved Purush. 

    वेदवेद्ये परेपुंसि जाते दशरथात्मजे।

    वेदः प्राचेतसादासीत् साक्षाद् रामायणात्मना ॥

    तस्माद्रामायणं देवि! वेद एव न संशयः ॥

    जो दशरथ के पुत्र हैं वही वेदों के द्वारा जाने जाने वाले परब्रह्म है। उस समय सभी वेद (अवतार) सीधे रामायण के रूप में ऋषि वाल्मीकि के मुख से प्रकट हुए। इसीलिए है देवी! रामायण स्वयं वेद ही है इसमें संशय ना करें।

    3)Lord Shri Krishna himself chants the name of Lord Shri Ram, he has confirmed this in Adi Purana while talking to Arjuna.

    राम नाम सदा प्रेम्णा संस्मरामि जगद्गुरूम्।

    क्षणं न विस्मृतिं याति सत्यं सत्यं वचो मम ॥

    (श्री आदि-पुराण)

     मैं ! जगद्गुरु श्रीराम के नाम का निरंतर प्रेम पूर्वक स्मरण करता रहता हूँ, क्षणमात्र भी नहीं भूलता हूँ । अर्जुन मैं सत्य सत्य कहता हूँ ।

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    No it is not useless , But scriptures and sadhus also said that to use mantra coming in parampara, that will be more effective because it is tested.


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    Hare Krishna Prabhuji. Pamho. AGTSP.

    In tattvatah ( in Truth) there is no difference between Lord Krishna and Rama , both are same supreme personality of Godhead But the difference is in mood of this two form and how they reciprocate with the devotees worshiping a particular form of the Lord. There are five rasas or mellows in which Lord reciprocates with his devotees. 

    (1) adoration of the Lord (śānta),

    (2) servitude (dāsya),

    (3) friendship (sakhya),

    (4) parental love (vātsalya), and

    (5) conjugal love (mādhurya).

    Prominent examples of devotees in each of these rasas are as follows: the four Kumāras in śānta-rasa; Hanumān and Krishna's various servants in Dvārakā and Mathurā in dāsya-rasa; Śrīdāmā, Sudāmā, and Stoka-krishna in sākhya-rasa; Krishna's parents in vātsalya-rasa; and the gopīs of Vrindāvana and the queens in Dvārakā in mādhurya-rasa.

    So Lord Rama can reciprocate in śānta and dāsya rasa because we don't see in Lord Rama's pastimes much has been talked about his childhood pranks ,  conjugal love and all But it is Lord krishna only who can reciprocate with devotees in all the five rasas.

    Now it depends on individual if some one is attracted to Lord Rama there is no problem in it and he can Chant the mantra which will lead him to Lord Rama, But if someone is attracted by Krishna he should chant the Mantra specific to Krishna which will lead him to Goloka Vrindavan. 

    So chanting Rama Nama is not a problem but we have to be sure that the mantra coming in an authentic paramapara.

    sampradaya-vihina ye mantras te nisphala matah
    atah kalau bhavisyanti catvarah sampradayinah
    sri-brahma-rudra-sanakah vaisnavah ksiti-pavanah
    catvaras te kalau bhavya hy utkale purusottamat
    ramanujam sri svicakre madhvacaryam caturmukhah
    sri visnusvaminam rudro nimbadityam catuhsanah

    Any mantra that does not come in disciplic succession is considered to be useless. Therefore, four divine individuals will appear in the age of Kali to found disciplic schools. The founders of these four Vaisnava sampradayas are Laksmi, Brahma, Rudra and Sanaka Rishi, and their teachings will spread from Purusottama (Jagannatha Puri) in Orissa. Ramanuja was chosen by Goddess Laksmi to represent Her sampradaya; Madhvacarya was chosen by the four-headed Brahma; Visnusvami was chosen by Rudra and Nimbaditya was chosen by the four Kumaras. (Padma Purana)


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