Managing work with kids

Hare Krishna Matajis,


I am new to KC and want to know if there are any matajis out there who balance Krishna Seva with work and kids beautifully. I know, as per vedic tradition a woman's duty is to take care of the household and that is enough, but I am going to work in a few weeks. Kindly don't judge me.

I am very very new to KC and if any experienced mataji (or prabhuji) can give me some insight on how to manage work and kids while still being in KC, it would be of immense help to me.

Hare Krishna

- Sandhya 

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  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,


    Wow !!! - How beautifully you have explained to ask the children. How wonderful. Why it did not occur to me previously !! May be because only when you get advanced in KC, you get true ideas like this.

    This is a really valid point what you have mentioned "ask the kids". My MIL had a full time job when my husband was  growing up. He never says he missed his mom while she was working or that he was not taken care of, infact he has lots of respect for her as his mom managed everything and gave him a happy childhood. So, that's one kid :) 

    I think I get the point, ask the kids - then ask the mothers the art of it.

    Thanks a ton Prabhuji. You have given me a clear new insight in my dilemma which hopefully I would successfully able to conquer.

    Hare Krishna

    - Sandhya

  • Hare Krishna mataji
    Your question is very valid and nice. It is said that women who have young children should give first priority to their children..that is a very big service and responsibility to bring our children to be devotees. If you are very new to Hare Krishna, you should try and start doing 2-4 rounds of mala only and gradually built up your rounds. Doing 16 rounds straight away is good but does not work if you have just started. But make sure you commit to your number of rounds and do that many everyday (do not decrease). You should spend time with your children at this stage..attending as many sankirtana parties as possible so that your kids get attracted to Hare Krishna Maha mantra. Also, try and offer prasadam at home so that everyone is having food that is offered to krishna. At this early stage of your krishna conciousness, I would also advice you to keep atleast one day in a week free when you can go to the temple or some devotees house in order to get association for yourself and your family. Slowly and gradually, by the association of devotees and your kids getting attracted to krsna conciousness would help you progress in your own sadhana. But if you ignore your kids and take up service at this stage, it may hamper your bhakti in the long term. Children are special gifts from god and as women we must give them first priority. Your biggest service to krishna at this stage is to serve your children in such a way that we can take up krishna consciousness. I know when we are new, we want to do lot of service but just make sure whatever service you take or have should be regular. For example do chanting regularly and get association from devotees regularly. With that in mind, you will surely progress.
    • Hare Krishna Mataji,


      Thank you for your response.

      But, my question is not about whether to work or not. My point is, if I have already decided to work outside of home, how can I manage everything still being in KC. I am sure different devotees have different opinions on women working outside of home. But for a new KC person like me I need practical tips on how to manage my KC, family and work - integrating everything beautifully into my life. Otherwise, I am afraid I might get more advice here to quit working outside rather than practical tips on what I am looking for.

      Thank you again for taking out your time to respond me, but I humbly beg to stay firm on my decision.

      Hare Krishna

      - Sandhya

      • Hare Krishna Sandhya mtji,

        i think you misunderstood GiaSinha mtji when she talked about service. i believe she meant devotional services like cooking,garland making etc. for satsang prgms and not your job :) it takes a little time to understand devotee language so i dont blame you. 

        there are many devotees mataji's balancing job and mentioned by the above two devotees- with proper organisation and planning you can do it! my 2 cents - plz plz ensure that you have devotee association.dont miss out on going to temple or prgms.with proper association your KC should be safeguarded :)

        All the best!

        Jai Jagannath!


        DeviRadha DD

        • Hare Krishna Mataji,


          Thank you so much for your explanation. I am really sorry to have misunderstood service as my work at office. I liked your suggestion about being in touch with devotees.

          Thank you again.

          Hare Krishna

          - Sandhya

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    A lot of women devotees are working, so there is nothing to judge.

    Initially, you will find it extremely difficult and tiring to manage hosue, kids and your sadhana all at once. But the trick is, if you start by doing this from the beginning (ie manage all 3), you will soon get used to it.

    Please try to wake up half an hour earlier than your time now everyday including holidays and chant your committed number of rounds. That way you will ensure that you chant everyday. You can then get into the daily routine of taking care of house, family, cooking and then running to office and back and the rest of housework, homework for children etc. Solicit as much help as you can from your husband and children, otherwise you will be very stressed out. Keep maids to do the menial work so that you can save some energy.

    Sleep well. If you cannot complete your rounds in the morning anyday, then you must chant on your way to work and back. You must complete your rounds at all costs everyday without keeping it pending for the next day.

    Best of luck, take care


    Your servant,


    • Hare Krishna Mataji,

      Please accept my humble pranam.

      Thank you very much for your response. It helped me a lot in mentally having a picture on what needs to be done. 

      Currently, there is a month time in which my work will start, but I think I can practice waking up earlier and finishing all household work by my expected office time at home just to gain practice. Also, I live in US and can not afford maids here and I have a toddler who is 18 months old, so he can not help much. But, my husband is very supportive and hopefully by Krishna's blessings everything will be smooth.

      Thank you so much again Mataji. You really helped me in what needs to be done practically.

      Hare Krishna

      - Sandhya

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