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Maintaining a Japa Mala

Hare KrsnaPranam to all.Please forgive me for my ignorance prabhus and matajis. I have a doubt.Somewhere I came across an article which mentioned "activating the tulsi mala". Is such a process legit and if so what is the correct vaishnava way of doing the same? Is there any more information regarding activation and maintainance of the malas in the Vedas?Kindly help me out.

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  • one needs to maintain 100% satvik guna using tulsi mala. the best is tally counter. its small and can be strapped around index finger and you can take it wherever you like.

  • Hare Krishna Mataji, PAMHO

                                  Before using the tulsi mala you can get the Blessings of Either Srila Prabhupada by placing at his feet and Praying . You can also offer it to Krishna through the ISKCON Temple Priest. Regarding maintainence of japa mala there is no need of any maintainence ,it needs to be kept in a clean place and in a Bead bag and also while use inside a Bead bag. Haribol !!

    • Hare Krishna, PAMHO

      Correct me if I am wrong but because the Tulsi mala is Srimati Tulasi devi personified, it should only be offered to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. As far as I understand, offering it to any other than Vishnu Tattva personality (Krishna, Balarama, Vishnu, Rama, Nityananda, etc...) is offensive. I might be mistaken, please do correct me if I am wrong.

      Your Servant.

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