Mahanubhava Pantha

Hare Krishna,I recently got an asscociation of this Mahanubhava Panth they are all Krishna Devotees but they don't believe in Vedas, Rama and other Incarnations, They have their own literatures with the start of this panth from Chakradhar Swami (they say the final incarnation of Krishna in 8th Century even before Mahaprabhu) they say they are not Vaishnavs, wikipedia mentions its panth as Jai Krishni Panth, my question if they don't follow Vaishnava way of bhakti whats there devotion then? they dont worship Tulsi, yes but they follow Bhagavat Gita....And they say they are advaitins....can any prabhuji/mataji tell me anything about them as I'm also interested to know about the different devotees of different Vaishnava sampradayas....

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