Hari Bol!

I have seen power of MahaMantra. I never thought that a Mantra can be this powerful. I cannot disclose much here as it is public forum but will give some peek into what I felt while chanting.

I am married person. I was having big issue in marriage. It almost broke. I came into chanting slowly. When I chanted I was asking one thing after other from Murlidhar. My surprise they got fulfilled one after other. I had done some big mistakes in marriage. First thing that I asked happened in a time of a week or two. I was surprised. I could not believe it, to me it was miracle. Then I asked second thing and it happened.

At this time, we are through few cycles. I am leaving all up to Krsna to decide. If I feel from inside to do something, I do it. If I do not feel, I do not do it. Somehow magically, all things are falling in place. It is very surprising for me. I am leaving my life on HIM to decide. HE will make path for me to fulfill my karma.

I am sure you people must have felt same. Please share your experiences. I would like to hear it.

In my home, there will not be any act that is not Krsna concious. My kids will grow as Krnsa concious kid and it will be a nice Krsna Concious family. HE is my master and I am HIS servant's,servant's, servant's servant. I am so postive in a span of merely two months or so, I just cannot tell you. Life, which seemed over, seems to have blossomed once more and my whole existence is asking for Krsna now.

I mostly asked HIM for a path to allow me fulfill my Karma by saving my marriage, other than association with good devotees.

Hari Bol!

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  • Initially, one asks for material favours from Krishna, and the Lord fulfills them all, yet something remains lacking in life, and that is spiritual progress.That only occurs when we serve the Lord without desiring material favours in return, simply serve unconditionally.We might serve in the form of looking after an aged devotee, we might serve directly in a temple, we might serve in so many ways. Do it without asking for material favours in return, and see the bliss that unfolds thereafter. AGTSP!

    • Hari Bol!

      Prabhu jee, that will come too. It is a worldly person who is craving badly to fulfill his pending karmas. He knows if not done, as Srila Prabhupad said - one will end in one of the lower life.

      Once it is achieved, Bhakti will lead to next level. Vision has set in already for that step. Just hope that life does not end before that. (who knows who will live next moment or not).

      • The future no one knows, not even Brahma, because Krishna mystifies the future by engaging in ceaseless activity.All those who engage in chanting,glorifying the holy name of the Lord,and serving the devotees, serving the Lord, directly or indirectly, are always blessed in this life itself, as well as the next life, for certain.Wishing you the best ahead in life. May Lord always be merciful.



    ^This may help you in your endeavors in chanting the Hare Krsna Maha Mantra.

    • Hari Bol David Prabhu jee!

      I think why MahaMantra is so effective as it starts with invocation of Hara followed by name of Krsna and then Hara with Rama. This is indeed MahaMantra as all elements of power emanate from this invocation of combination.

      Hare Krsna!

  • Hari Bol!

    Thanks all for posting.

    Sudheendra Prabhu - you have a point. But when material world is not fulfilled and heart is pulled there, one cannot go for higher goals. Like for a five year old, not showing her bracelet to father can be a big thing. Once she grows beyond that, she will show something else to her father. Ultimately one day she will just buy a car and make a call. It is part of growing up. So when I reach there, I will perhaps be doing what you tell. It looks like some karmas are yet to be completed and perhaps my path has been cleared up.

    Another thing I must tell is that I have prayed Supreme Godhead and HIS shakti - Hara - as Prabhupada explains, in other forms or extensions. It helps. I have done all in Satvik way, none in Tamsik or other form. However, surrendering Krsna in Bhakti Bhaav gave much faster results compared to other forms. Also I felt it is one mantra for all issues.

    • Volunteer

      You have to the essence of all vedas now that only chanting of HK can solve all our problems in this life time and life after this too. Krishna says that he will protect what we have and provide what we need. He knows better than us what we need.

      Hari bol!!!!

      • Hari Bol Prabhu!

        It took a strike of destiny to bring me back to Krsna. Before this, I was not getting the point.

  • haribol..!
    thats amazing pr. 

  • Volunteer

    Interesting the Holy Names do not fulfill my material desires :-(

    i desire but Krishna gives me that which i need rather than i want.

    But i know that it is His mercy. It means He protects me ;-) from my own desires.  

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