• Prabhu n mataji my god mother is a devotee who have take initiation. When I saw this discussion I advised her.but she told dat she eat d one which has d vege this appropriate? How to get detail of d flavour ingredients
  • pranams. ya,  maggi masala has onion and garlic. i got sick once eating maggi - vomitted. the pasta recipe above sounds good.

  • Hare Krishna Prahuji Dandvat!!!  Prabhuji if you & your family do not eat onion & garlic then you should not consume the maggi as it masala contains onion & garlic in it.  I would give you the another substitute.  Buy spagethi pasta from the market and boil it.  Add pinch of salt in the boiling water, add some cooking oil in the water, when the water get boils then add spagethi and let it boil on slow flame. Boil it properly and then remove it from the gas and get it ice bath.  Let the spagethi be cold and make home made spices like take some green chilli, green dhaniya, grind turmeric, salt as per taste and them mix them all and grind them in the grinder. Add some water in it so that it can grind nicely.  Once it done then your masal is ready and cook it just like maggi masala.

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji

    • Thanks for recipe. Jaya Gauranga!

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    Hare KRsna Prabhuji,


    I have heard so many horror stories related to Maggi. At one point in time, I was myself addicted to Maggi (when I used to have onion and garlic) that I would ignore. But now I request you to please use normal noodles and not maggi. When you are substituting the masala, may as well substitute the noodles also.


    YOur servant,


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