Hare Krishna To All Devotee's ,

Now Maayavadi people have started telling their follower's about Mahaprabhu stories as a saint .

One such person i found was Asha Ram Bapu , Even Morari Bapu Also .

Now what will happen ,

if these people start's telling about Gaurang Mahaprabhu ?

Some Links : http://www.reocities.com/Yosemite/2021/spirit_stories/gaurang.html


These people feel easy to propagate maayavad , and their follower's will never come to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu , because these people preach that every one is saint , all are same  ..

How cheap in India to become guru , learn sanskrit , read hindi of all scriptures, do yoga , preach everyone is same and equall , do not disrespect , everyone is god ,you are god , i am god , Ultimately god is formless, he do not have any name , So they say Bhagvan , Parmatma , but he do not have any name ,

They take shelter of Form and say that god is formless ultimately,

they are greatest cheater's ..

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  • Volunteer

    I can't understand what they get in this formless concept. How nice it is to decorate Gopal, offer flowers to him, take care of him as a child..........when will they taste it................

  • Hari bol!!

    I think you are right prabhu. It has become very easy way to collect money also, without any taxation. 

    some other I found are, OmShanti they also say god is formless and lord shiva is supreme. They say god is formless and they hung the image of their guru saying he is incarnation of lord shiva. if god is formless then how can human form be incarnated??

    There are several examples. 

    But good to know some gurus started to preach about caitanya mahaprabu.

    hari bol!!!!!

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