m in huge dilemma

hare krsna 2 all

plz accpt ma humble obeisances............

since few ays ma mind is jst rolling around 1 subject.........act i hav a frnd with whm dis days i tok daily on msgs.....v were classmate during ma skul days.....nw v hav become vynice frnds......jst frnds ha......b i tok lot wi him.i dnt hav ane dat kinda feeling  him niether he hav  me........bt still i jst wanna knw 4m u devotees dat m i dng anything bad by toking 2 him? cz being a krsna devotee m suppose 2 spend ma time mor in chanting nd othr spiritual stuff bt i spn ma valuabl time in toking 2 him.......nce mor i wud lyk 2 clear maself.....v r jst frnds.jst gud frnds.dats it.........

nw plz avice me wht 2 do?m i dng anethng wrng orels its k wht m dng?

ur servant




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  • Hare Krishna Dixa Bhavsar mataji

    All glories to srila prabhupada.....

    mataji, if you both take interest in talking amongst yourself,then it is just a PRAJALP i.e. useless talks/gossips. Devotees are not advised to take interest insuch talks. Had you both been talking all about Krishna then there was no problem.Two people should indulge themselves in glorifying Krishna i.e. Kirtanam.

    Since you take interest in talking just PRAJALP then it is wrong. Talking with a person ,whether man or woman, about Krishna is considered kirtanam and is the characteristic of a pure devotee. Our goal is to be pure devotee of Krishna.

    Chant hare krishna and be happy......give Krishna Consciousness to your that friend...it is best seva in the lotus feet of Krishna and also the would be best for Him.

    your servant

    Ashish Sharma

    • Volunteer

      Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      In ISKCON we now trying to create a society where people will live in the mode of goodness. To educate chaste wives, girls, responsible boys, men. To give birth to create souls.

      By following Vaishnava etiquette. which is the decoration for a Vaishnava.

      In Vedic culture girls were protected by Father, husband, son from the association of other men.

      In order to keep clean their purity of mind and body.

      If You want to be happy then You will follow these rules dear Dixa Mataji, if not then it is Your own responsibility to take care of the reaction.

      If protect the Dharma, Dharma will protect us. If we surrender to Krishna by following the instruction given by Him then He will protect us, if no then we will suffer.


      Male and female if they are not husband and wife never should talk in a secluded places like phone, chat talks...

      For the beginning it will seem that we do not have any attachment but by the time it will appear. And it shows that we are not chaste to our future husband.

      Now, please decide Yourself! Your are enough smart Young Lady :-)

      Your servant, 

      • Hare Krishna

        very appropriate and right answer by Bhaktin Maral mataji.

        glories to you........

        I completely agree with you.....


        your servant


        • thanks a lot mataji nd prabhuji .................

          maral mataji thnx a lot 4 ur valuable advice...............i'll try ma best 2 follow it....................



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