lower cast boy and higher caste girl marriage

Hare Krishna

If a Girl belongs to Brahman cast (higher) and boy belong to Vaishya cast (lower). Is such marriages allowed according to Sciptures?

Ans: Generally Not (Ref: SB 9.18.5 purport) - pratiloma - lower cast boy and higher caste girl marriage is not generally allowed.

How to see this aspect in this age of Kali yuga (so called modern age) ?

What if both of them are inclined to practice KC?

Should we not go for this match? Will it create a problem between husband and wife in married life?

Please clarify?

your servant

Ref: http://vedabase.net/sb/9/18/5/

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  • Hare Krishna Prabhu


    In going for marriage, if both parties are focused in single goal, then marriage wil be success.

    Prabhupada said, while marrying what one should look in a woman is her chastity and willingness to follow the husband. A woman will directly walk into Goloka with her pure hearted husband if she simply follows and serves him. 

    In ISKCON we see many such couples with different cultural and communal backgrounds and nicely situated in Guru and Gauranga's services. Even my Shiksha Guru is the bast example for this.

    In such marriages, the woman's attitude and perspective towards the marriage, her husband holds the key. 

    Best Of Luck to you!

    your servant,

    Shyam Mukund Das

  • materially we are shudra's .. and yes we are devotee.. we r in shelter of krishna only 100% depend on krishna ...  

    our thoughts must not wonder much in this marriage type thing..  devotee never fall in love with any special devotee for the sake of marry....    

    if one devotee want to marry a devotee then ask from Guru.

    Guru is devotee's spiritual father and he will decide..

    if one is still live among material life , in this case also, one shud not b worried abt marriage but just serve krishna.. he will arrange best for u even thru parents..

    hare krishna..

  • Radhe krishna g according to my views love is blind she cant see the cast .bt in the real life its all depend on herself
  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Prabhu, my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Even if one is doing service to Krishna still our natures are different. 

    One Devotee does service in accounting; another in editing texts; some are doctors; some are pujaris; some are business people who can make money out of nothing; some do not have much ideas but have golden hands who can sew dresses for Deities....

    So as we see we are different.

    And it is very good if boy and girl have similar qualities. If girl likes to read, to preach, to learn then she won't be able to give enough respect to a husband, be him a Devotee, but not interested in reading books, but likes to earn money...wealthy life...not so much intelligent, does not have as much knowledge as she is...

    So better if girl is equal to a husband or little lower than him. And in that case girl can respect a husband.

    Your servant, 


    • thank you for the insight with possible example.

      when I read your reply second time it clicked me that its the spirit of the injunctions we have to fallow not just focus on externals. 

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